Monday, June 21, 2010

She's Alive!

It's been a very long while hasn't it?
Life has been busy and hectic as always... and although I continue to promise to be back and regularly update this blog, it has proven to be extremely difficult... therefore, along with my youtube channel... I may have to put this on hold indefinitely =(

But to update...

* I went on vacation for a week to Paris and Rome in mid May.... it was an absolutely awesome trip and experience...

* As i'm sure you read and saw on the other blogger's site -- we had a small YouTube enthusiasts meet with pincstuff/meepowcow/jendomakeup/fionaman/irenefelton
(please forgive me if i got the usernames completely wrong... i'm actually writing this post in class... so i'm trying to half pay attention to the prof =P)

* I convocated/graduated from the University of Toronto... finally! it was a long struggle... but it finally happened and I'm ecstatic!

* I started my teacher's college training in Bufffalo, New York. It's intense and requires a lot of my time... definitely the major reason why i've been MIA from EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! The work isn't difficult... far from it.. but it's tedious and the amount of it is just... a lot!

* Being in the States for 2 days a week and so close to the outlet and an awesome mall... i have yet to do any shopping -- surprisingly -- there just isn't time! but i'm very proud of myself.. =P

* I'm notorious for being disorganized and lacking time management.... and it's because of this, that i am unable to juggle so many tasks at once (including fitting blogging and dare i say BEAUTY related anything into my life).