Monday, June 29, 2009


This is for my Canadian ladies...

I was sent this website: and to me it looks like we're getting our own version of ULTA... Murale looks like a cosmetics/beauty only story that is owned by Shoppers Drug Mart and there are already two locations in our country (Ottawa and Montreal) and a third will be located in the GTA (Don Mills and Lawrence).

I can't say I'm particularly excited... it's suppose to open up this summer... I wouldn't mind checking out the Bobbi Brown products.... =)

edit: I guess it's more like a sephora... I've never been to ULTA and just assumed that it was similar to sephora as well =P

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Makeup Tentacle strikes back at distracted driving

By David Menzies

Makeup and motorized vehicles seldom go together. Taking your eyes off the road and hands off the steering wheel in order to apply lipstick or eyeliner not only requires considerable ambidextrous skills, but it can be downright dangerous. Yet, what’s a gal to do when time is of the essence and she’s got to get to Point B looking good?
Sharona Kesnig of Richmond Hill, Ont. thinks she might have the answer.
When the registered aesthetician heard that a client had a close call while fumbling with makeup behind the wheel, Kesnig began thinking about a device that would allow driving women to apply makeup in a safe, hands-free fashion.
Her solution: the Makeup Tentacle, a prototype invention that holds makeup in place while allowing the driver to concentrate on the commute at hand.
Kesnig says she was actually inspired by the 2004 flick, Spider-Man 2 – or more accurately, the character of Dr. Octopus. The not-so-good doctor had four mechanized metal tentacles that could expand and contract at will and were adroit at holding myriad items.
The thirtysomething Kesnig sourced material that emulated the appendages. But instead of using it to clobber her friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler, Kesnig’s metallic tentacle is utilized to grasp lipstick, eyeliner and any other makeup applicator a woman requires.
One end of the device is attached to the dashboard of her Dodge Caravan while the other end holds in place the required makeup applicator. The end result: the Makeup Tentacle allows Kesnig to keep her blue-grey eyes on the road and her well-manicured hands firmly on the steering wheel.
“It’s all about enjoying the best of both worlds,” she says. “The Makeup Tentacle allows a woman to concentrate on her driving but she can also arrive at work looking like a million bucks. It’s the perfect device for our time-famished world.”
Kesnig says the device is still in the prototype stage and she has no idea when (or if) it will ever be brought to market. (She welcomes input from others and can be reached at
“It [Makeup Tentacle] could be the next big thing or it might end up being one of those ‘What were they thinking?’ kind of inventions,” she says with a laugh.
In the meantime, Kesnig says she’s happy to own a prototype device that allows her to put on makeup behind the wheel in a completely safe – and non-distracted – fashion.

article from here


Friday, June 26, 2009


I was so excited to receive this in the mail this week! Unfortunately I got it RIGHT BEFORE my exams so I couldn't play with them until now... I love this stuff!!! Only down side, which is probably on account that I'm excited and therefore impatient, is that I had to wait a while for my base colour to dry before i could actually start playing with the designing... and it wasn't like I could try all the designs! If I did, my hands would look silly... then I would have to start over.. which would be more time wasted on waiting for the polish to dry etc.... but here's a pic at my first attempt... not too shabby if I say so myself... although yes I do see smudging and uneven-ness... practice makes perfect ^_~

If you are interested in Konad, check out -- Kathleen is offering 20% (code: joshura) and free international shipping -- awesome!!

base colour: China Glaze (For Audrey)
designed from M57 plate (one of the popular ones i think) with OPI (Yoga-ta Get This Blue!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aveda Warehouse Sale

sorry the pic is messed... Click here for a better pic.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I have another stressful week ahead with exams... then right after exams.. with no break... my second summer semester starts.... someone kill me nowww =(
Looking forward to some much needed retail therapy after....
...expect a lack of posts this week....

Ontario Place Play All Day Pasws for $6.80

For those of you in the GTA and possibly interested =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Swaplifter Update

I just tried to call the number that Yuko found for us and there was no answer unfortunately... it is 9am in Huddersfield... perhaps they're still sleeping... but it's 4am for me.. and I stayed up all night pretty much to get in touch with SOMEONE so i'm a little disappointed... but... It looks like our emails to the police department are working and something will/might be done... thank goodness...

Here is an email I received (and those of you who emailed probably got as well):

Ok people, thanks for your communication.

All your emails have been received and forwarded to myself by my Sergeant.

Let me assure you that you don't need to resend the email.

I will try and visit the address over the next couple of weeks to establish
why this has happened and speak with the suspect.

I will keep you all updated via email.


Paula Begoun Review: MAC - Fix +

View the rating system here

" Fix+ is a standard, but good, alcohol-free toner for normal to dry or slightly oily skin. The mist application is convenient, but don't mist this over your makeup -- nothing in the formula will 'finish' it or prolong wear. Quite the opposite is true!"

o_o $$$

My opinion:
I agree with Begoun on this one, I don't know why people feel that this product actually "sets" their make up.... yes it DOES take the powdery look away (which is great)... but I have to say that I use Fix+ as more of a toner than anything... I also like misting it on my face on a hot summer day -- very refreshing... and I really enjoy the scent. Other than that... I feel this is an over-hyped product.

o_o $$$

*** If you would like to see a review on a product other than MAC let me know and I'll post it (if it's in the book -- for example she never reviewed NYX or Vichy.. but ELF and QUO are surprisingly included)***

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swaplifter Update

I sent my email to the local police department of ZOE HAIGH and got a response... this is what they sent me:

Dear Sandy,
Thank you for your e-mail. I have passed it on to the Lower Calder Valley NPT who cover the area where Zoe Haigh is said to live. They should contact you in due course.

Andrew Carlin
PS 1061
Halifax Central NPT

My email:

I am part of an online community that barters cosmetics items sent through postal service. I have recently encountered an individual who had agreed to "swap" or trade cosmetic items with me and we had agreed to send each other's items at the same time. Our communication and agreement took place on Wedneday, June 3, 2009. I sent a cosmetic facial brush (retail $60USD) and a loose face powder (retail $25USD) in exchange for what I thought was going to be 3 of her cosmetic items. To my understanding, there has been many victims who have suffered the same fate and lost many valuable items to her at approximately the same time. She has since deleted her account (username: moschino000).

The information that she provided for me is:

Zoe Haigh
15st Albans Avenue
Ainley Top

Although i'm sure that this is quite far fetched and there is probably nothing that can be done, it is reassuring to know that you have this information in the event that this individual takes her actions a step further and commits a more serious crime.

Thank you for your time,
Sandy Chow


Like I said in my previous post... send in your emails and lets hope that something will and can be done.

Swaplifter: Send a Report

I cannot believe the amount of girls this bitch targeted and swaplifted from (and all at the same time).... here is an email address to her local police department.... it's highly doubted that much can be done, BUT if we all ban together and send them an email each explaining our situation, the amount we lost -- give as much detail as possible -- lets hope that she will AT LEAST get a knock on her door and be warned that she's been outted and know the situation...

what burns the most is that she's sitting at home with a huge haul smirking at all the ppl she fooled... #$*(#$*@#$%(

send your emails!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The story:
So buzzfuzzbunny told me about a pretty sweet swap she was doing through MUA a couple of weeks ago.... coincidentally I too was in the process of a pretty sweet swap myself...
Now almost two weeks later, she confimed to me that she was swaplifted and that the user had deleted her account... she also sent me her name and address so that I won't fall for it in the future.... lo and behold... the name and address looked rather familiar to me... and I realized -- CRAP! I must've been swap-lifted too!!!!! Both buzzfuzzbunny and I lost quite a bit in MAC products... and we're livid....

Her username WAS Moschino000 -- but she may have made a new account by now to lure new victims... so for all your ladies out there thinking about swapping... beware of sending out anything to this person and address:

Zoe Haigh
15st Albans Avenue
Ainley Top

Do me a favour ladies and pass this information around! I personally don't care if I'm violating her privacy, because she violated not only mine but several MUAer's trust -- if you look up her username in the boards.. she's swaplifted MANY ppl.... @!*$#!&@(#*!#!($&!*$&

Monday, June 15, 2009

MAC Friends and Family Sale

Save 25% on all online purchases. Use offer code SAVE25 at checkout. Offer is valid from June 16 - 18 on orders shipped to Canadian addresses only.
Offer is not valid on Viva Glam products.

Receive FREE STANDARD SHIPPING with any CAD$75+ purchase. No offer code necessary. Offer is valid on orders shipped to Canadian addresses only.

Paula Begoun Reviews

I am starting a new series on this blog that involves the reviews of self-proclaimed cosmetics cop and author of "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me", Paula Begoun. I will be posting Begoun's reviews from the last edition of her book along with her rating system for those of you who do not have access to it.
What I like about Begoun's reviews is that it is not based on her experience with the products but are based on research and formulation of the products based on a product's ingredients. This is a far cry from peer reviews that are on sites such as makeupalley (which is a great site), because those reviews are based on personal experience and as we all know -- not all products work the same for all of us.
By researching and understanding a product's formulation, she "assesses the product's potential for irritation, dryness, breakouts, sensitivities, greasiness, and other issues of texture and performance."
The application, colour selection, texture and whether products contain SPF and/or antioxidants are also all considered in her reviews.

So in other words, consider her reviews in a more "scientific" light.

Of course, do keep in mind that you don't have to agree with all her reviews or opinions. For example, Paula Begoun indirectly claims that anyone who wears eyeshadow shades in colours OTHER than neutrals are whores lol (specifically blues)... I personally don't agree with that, because I don't believe in rules when it comes to make-up... but instead there are situation-appropriate looks.

Begoun uses emoticons to denote approval or disapproval to the products she reviews. Because I don't really know how to make emoticons on this blog (lol) I'm going to improvise:

^_^! : Excellent and Paula's Pick - best of the best products that exceed expectations.

^_^! $$$: Excellent (Paula's Pick but overpriced) - price is the only drawback which doesn't effect the performance of the product.

^_^ : Very Good - highly recommended and reasonably priced.

^_^ $$$: highly recommennded but not necessarily worth the price.

o_o : Average - OK product but unimpressive. Doesn't mean it's a bad product, but could be lacking something that is keeping it from getting a higher rating.

o_o $$$: Average but overpriced -- so why bother?

>_< : Poor - Don't buy!!

Along with her professional review, I will be adding my imput and my experiences of the products (if applicable) and use her emoticon rating system as well.

Feel free to add your reviews in the comment section under any of the reviews done.

Hope you all enjoy this series!


Paula Begoun Review: MAC - Studio Fix

"Studio Fix remains one of the top pressed-powder foundations available, despite several impressive entries from other companies. It has an exceptionally silky, talc-based texture that applies and blends like a dream. As usual, wet or dry application is possible, but using ths wet poses the risk of streaking. Dry application provides light to medium-full coverage. If you prefer this type of foundation and have normal to slightly dry or slightly oily skin, it is highly recommended. Almost all of the 37 shades are impressive (albeit repetitive) for a braod range of skin tones, but the following shades are best avoided due to pink, orange, or peach overtones: C6, NC42, NW30, NW40, NC40."


My opinion: I personally hated Studio Fix and swapped mine away. I was not aware, when I first purchased this product, that this was a powder foundation. I asked for a pressed powder, and was given this. I guess the MA just wanted to take advantage of a noob at the time and sell me the more expensive item. Right away I found that it was a little different than the pressed powder -- yes more finely milled and silkier, but it was not what I wanted. I did not like the coverage or the way it sat on my skin at all -- I tried time and time again to make it work for me... applying it dry with a sponge/brush and applying it wet with the same tools -- it was just cakey and nasty on me...

(this is taken from my review of Studio Fix on MUA)


Quick Blog

I am incredibly stressed over an assignment that I'm currently working on (at 3:30am) as well as worrying about upcoming exams next week (back-to-back on the same day)... but I have to say that despite my stress... I'm glad that I have this blog to turn to and just.. type away... and forget about it all for a few minutes...

Thank you guys for your support... I wouldn't be running this blog without you... which is why I've been having so many giveaways - to give back to you =]

I started this blog with very little intentions or expectations.... at the beginning I updated once every few weeks or even months... I feel optimistic now to update more frequently, because of all your kind comments and encouragements -- and I love that I'm able to help some of you in terms of reviews/sales announcements etc. A lot of people may not understand or appreciate this make-up community or think that we're "shallow" (or whatever other nasty comments there are)... but how I see it is, it's the little things that count right? And the "little things" can be ANYTHING to anybody... so if a good review can help you make an informed decision... or a certain sale or discount for something can make your day just a little brighter... why is that something wrong?

Why are we criticized for having too much make-up in our collections that we "never use" when there are people with different hobbies such as stamp collecting who accumulate books and books of stamps that THEY never use? Why is that an accepted hobby and make-up isn't? It's just as much a collection as it is for any collection.... right?

Ok I am totally going off on a tangent here... hahaha... really just wanted to take a break from my work and say thank you to my YouTube subscribers as well as my blog Followers =)

PS: I was thinking of doing another CONTEST (different from giveaway) for my YouTube Channel when I hit 5000 subscribers... it may take a while (i'm barely at 2000)... but I decided to choose 5000 because it will give me enough time to think of what to do to challenge you guys with the contest as well as give me enough time to collect items for the prize (since I want it to be good ^_^). What do you guys think?

Pink Colour Contacts

So I am loving Pink Colour more and more... I just picked up two more pairs of their circle lenses last weekend (I requested a pick-up from Pacific Mall)... I always buy my lenses in non-prescription... and I've never had a problem with them until now... one of the pairs I bought... (even though it said "0.00" on the lid) were clearly prescription lenses... as soon as I put them in, I knew there was something wrong... but I thought maybe my eyes were still adjusting... but after 5min... I still couldn't see clearly and I was getting a major headache... I tried on the other new pair and they were perfectly fine...
So I left a msg on their facebook group asking if they have a refund/exchange policy.... they replied within 5min and said that they'd give me an exchange with no extra fees -- awesome!!
I was totally going to just accept that the lenses were defects and wear them anyway... (bad idea I know)... so I hope the new ones will work out for me...

They are currently having several promotions on their lenses so please check out their facebook group .

Also don't forget you get 5% off your order if you use promotion code: Sanderlees

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Giveaway [closed]

I'm giving away the MAC 209 (eyeliner brush) this week.
For your entry, please leave a comment under this post telling me what your favourite/hg eyeliner is and why.
Don't forget that you have to be a follower of this blog and include your email address in your post.
Giveaway ends Monday, June 15 at 11:59pm and winner will be contacted the next day.

Good luck!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

50% at Urban Behaviour


I am SOOOO excited!!! So I discovered KONAD almost 3 years ago when they had a booth set up at The Ex/CNE... it was decently priced (from what I can remember) and I remember WANTING it... but decided that it would be a waste since I was never into doing my nails because I always bit them off anyway...
Well... I've been making an effort in keeping my nails looking feminine with the help of an amazing nail hardener I've been using for the past 3 or 4 months (review to come soon)... and perfect timing too, cuz KONAD is really getting popular via YouTube... but all the e-stores seems to be a little pricey. Vaughn Mills has a kiosk that carries KONAD but the price is RIDICULOUS... along comes joshura07... who has been making KONAD tutorials for a while now... not only is there a discount code for 20% off (code: joshura), the company that sponsors her is also offering FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is HUGE since we Canadians are often shafted with more expensive shipping prices + we never get "spend x dollars and get free shipping"... WWOOOOOTTT!! I took advantage right away! =P

I did shop around first to compare the prices... good thing is they are either slightly cheaper than other e-stores or the exactly the same... PLUS the free INTERNATIONAL shipping is such a huge bonus... we're saving about $10USD right there already!!
So when my order arrives, you bet I will make a haul on it (i think i got 4 or 5 image plates and the stamper/scraper set)!!

To check out their items visit:

Make-up Collection: Blush

Instead of creating one long, picture-heavy post of my entire collection, I decided to do it in a series. First of the series is my blush collection... it's hard to pick a favourite -- but you can probably tell (or not) which ones I use the least/most =P
Lets start with the MAC products:

Mineralized Blush Duos
Clockwise (from left): Grand Duos, Hot Planet, Moon River

Top: Sweet William, Ladyblush
Bottom: Blossoming, Lune

Top: Tippy, Eversun
Bottom: Fashion Frenzy, Emote

Pro Pan
Top: Pink Swoon, Springsheen, Peachykeen
Bottom: Peaches, Sunbasque, Breezy

Top (pro): Salsa Rose, Full Fuschia, Azalea
Bottom: empty, Pinch O' Peach, Pinch Me

Gel Blush
Just a Pinch

Non-MAC blush palette

Various other blushes: coastal scents contour palette,
mousse blushes (Maybelline and Lancome), Bobbi Brown (Nectar),
NARS (Super Orgasm)

What do you want to see next in this series of my make-up collection?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

MAC Friends and Family Sale

June 16th to June 18th -- MAC will be having their friends and family sale (online only).
Use offer code: SUMO to receive 25% off your entire purchase!!!
Make your list and act quick, because this doesn't happen often and items go out of stock really quickly!

Offer code only valid in Canada and the US.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Question of the Day

Did you get to go to the MAC/Estee Lauder Warehouse sale? If so, what did you haul?

Sanderlee's Answer: I did get to go on the Friday, but I decided not to post my haul this time. I didn't break the bank this time either (compared to the last) and made a budget as well as a mental list of things to look for. I held back on lip products this time and only got 2 things... my focus was mainly on pigments (because it's just such a great deal!!)... I think I got 7 of them... but I must say the best purchase of the day was a MAC traincase (I believe it's discontinued and retailed at $300CAD) for only $80!!! I was so excited ^_^

Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Red Earth Kabuki Giveaway [closed]

Another Giveaway!!!
I should really slow down with these and stop spoiling you guys... I'm running low on items to give away! But I love doing it =)

Up for grabs this time is a brand new Red Earth kabuki brush with carrying pouch that I got from the Esprit sale. For your chance to win, follow this blog and leave a comment with your email under this post AND tell me one thing you've done this week to make this earth more GREEN by Saturday, June 6 11:59pm EST. The winner will be contacted the next day.

Background: The city of Toronto has taken a step towards being more green by imposing a bylaw that require us shoppers to pay 5 cents for every new grocery/plastic bag we use, which was in effect as of June 1, 2009. So I'm just curious what you've done ^_^ Winner will still be chosen at random.

Good Luck!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Esmee Denters -- Outta Here

I have been a fan and follower of Esmee Denters since her very first youtube video... it's incredible to see where she is at now -- I am currently obsessed with her first single -- ch-ch-check it out!