Saturday, September 25, 2010

ZannClip Giveaway!! [closed]

I am so happy to announce that I will be hosting yet another giveaway hosted by ZannClip!! If you don't know what a zannclip is, check out my review HERE !

But in a nutshell, it's a really chic hair clip that holds your hair in place without causing a "hair band crease". If you like to sleep with your hair in a bun or ponytail, but get annoyed of having to adjust your head because of always feeling the hairpins or bump, you can sleep with this clip in your hair and you won't feel it~ The smallest size is great to keep your bangs in place. It comes in severals sizes, colours and finishes.

Make sure you check out the website for the other items the company carries as well as the instructional how-to videos on the different ways to wear the clips!

Just leave a comment with your email under this post for your chance to win!

Double your chance by tweeting: Follow @sanderlees for a chance to win 1 of 4 @Zannclip at

Winners will have the opportunity to choose the colour/finish/size of their Zannclip.

Giveaway will end Friday, October 1, 2010 11:59pm EST

Good Luck!

Friday, September 24, 2010

MAC: Venomous Villians

So I placed an order on MAC's Venomous Villian's collection on Wednesday night and received the package today. So excited! I was really good though, since I didn't buy out the entire collection (which would've been incredibly pricey, as it is a huge collection). The collection is divided into 4 separate sub-collections, featuring some of Disney's most famous villians: Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmations), Evil Queen (Snow White), Malifacent (Sleeping Beauty), and Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog).
I originally wanted to get a little something from each collection -- I really wanted something from Malifacent, but there was really nothing in that part of the collection that called out to me --except for the nailpolishes.. but I want to swatch those in-store first. So I only picked up 3 things:

Toxic Tale Lipstick

Strange Potion Lipglass

Cancun Magically Cool Liquid Powder


With Strange Potion Lipglass

With Toxic Tale Lipstick
(this really stains the lips, even after wiping it off seconds after application)

With Cajun Lquid Powder
(it applies wet and cold, then dries to a powder finish but doesn't
feel like anything when you just rub it between your fingers)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sanderlees Update

Perhaps you ladies need to remind me via twitter to post and update my blog regularly. I forgot how therapeutic this was given the amount of chaos that has been surrounding me lately. Ok, maybe not that much chaos, since I DID have 3 weeks off of school... but I spent that time relaxing, catching up on sleep and just being lazy.
Second semester started this past week for me, and I am about to DIE from the overwhelming number assignments and work thrown at me -- a chunk of which is due this Monday! ugh! Luckily, I got a lot of it out of the way last night =)

So as some of you may know, I attended the most recent MAC Warehouse Sale with Susan and FionaMan and I did REALLY well! And by "well", I mean I didn't have to sell my car to pay off the damage -- in other words, I got VERY little. Not surprising, I suppose, since I have been to all the sales in the last 3 years, consecutively -- it gets a little boring with the same products over and over again. Not that I'm never grateful to go, because I am! It's just quite the trek for me and I wake up at 5am for them =S

I realized I have not done a "Monthly Favourites" post for several months now... mayhaps I will get one done for September? Here's hoping!

I actually got into twitter a bit more, so you will all probably find me there more so than here on this blog -- so follow me! (and remind me to post!)

I still have A LOT of giveaways to post... and I mean A LOT! Products have just been continuously cumulating... and they need homes!!! Remind me to get on that as well =)

Until next time...

iCandy Circle Lens Giveaway [closed]

iCandy Style has generously offered up two pairs of Plano lenses for me to giveaway to you guys!
iCandy is an Australian-based e-store that not only carries circle lenses, but women's clothing and accessories as well! The items available are super chic and stylish - and the prices are incredibly reasonable! Their customer relations is highly professional, as I have spoken to Joey, whom I believe is the founder of the site/e-store.
Like I said, I have two (2) pairs of lenses to give away, of which the styles are posted below:

(worth $20)

(worth $30)
Entering the giveaway is easy!
For one ballot, leave a message under this post with your email.
Double your chances to win!
Follow me on Twitter and tweet: RT follow @iCandyStyle and @Sanderlees to win giveaway at
Deadline is September 24th, 11:59pm EST
Good Luck!
Winners will be contacted via email and post updated with [closed]