Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monthly Favourites: March 2010

I've been a horrible blogger (in fact I've been one for the past year)... but I have a couple of weeks of hell left before I'll have all the time in the world (or not... we'll see haha).. sorry I seem so cryptic... most of the time, I don't really know what I'm talking about either and that's because so many things are always so up in the air - I expect one thing to happen and something else does etc. So I say (and hope) I'll be free in two weeks time, but who knows... maybe fate will decide to drop something else on my lap to keep me from enjoying my cosmetics and blogging about it... but I really just want a break... I haven't had one for 3 years... not a proper break at least...

Shell Pearl Beauty Powder: Give me Liberty of London Collection. I didn't plan on getting this, but (surprise, surprise) Wendy totally influenced me to get it because she was getting it and I'm SO glad, because it's such a pretty highlight powder. I have not had any luck with beauty powders, so I'm really not a fan, but this particular product is very soft in texture and pigmented compared to the other ones I own which requires a good scraping and STILL no product will show up on me. I use this layered over my blush application -- which is usually Hot Planet MB.

Holiday 2008 Smokey Eyes Palette: I have been using this A LOT... probably because all the essential shades are in this palette (carbon, satin taupe etc)... this is a must-have in any girl's arsenal... even if not THIS palette specifically... any of MAC's holiday smokey eye palettes!

Lollipop Loving l/s: I have revisited this little gem. I bought my first tube in February 2009 and have accumulated 2 additional back-ups since. I wore it nearly everyday for 2 months and then kind of forgot about it. I have been wearing it daily again... it's really more of a spring shade that really gives me a 'pick-me-up' -- beautiful coral shade with a green sheen -- lovely!

Frankly Fresh l/g: From the Give Me Liberty of London collection, this is a nice pinky nude shade that tops off my HG lipsticks nicely (Brave New Bronze and Lollipop Loving). I also wear it alone once my lipsticks have worn off, but I don't feel like re-touching. I am really trying hard not to get a back up of it (because of my project B2M commitment and that it's probably sold out by now anyhow).

Monday, March 08, 2010

Project B2M

Ok, so after attending my last sale I have decided that I need to really cool it with the hauling and beauty purchases. The majority of my recent posts have really only been hauls and I would really like to write some reviews again -- but I can't review if I keep using new products and putting the "old" ones in the back burner.

So, in order for me to finally use and appreciate the products that I already have, I have decided to do a variation of Project 10-Pan -- but rather than waiting to use up ten products before my next purchase... I will use up 6 products, instead (equivalent to a B2m exchange) -- which is still a pretty difficult task.
*Project B2M was Wendy's idea since she says 10 is way impossible (for me at least) and that at least trying to use up 6 MAC products is an incentive for getting new products -- and for free!

Of course, this doesn't apply to what I feel are essentials such as moisturizer/toner etc...

In addition to trying to use the products I already have... I also need to do a little spring cleaning... that is... I have put a side a lot of products for giveaways and contests... as well... I will be holding another blog sale soon... I hope... there are so many things I can't seem to part with (haha)... but I am also not using them... so I either let those products sit in the drawer and collect dust... or hope that someone else will put it to good use... =(

Anyone else interested in such a 'project'?

Friday, March 05, 2010

MAC Warehouse Sale

I attended the MAC warehouse sale today... sorry.. I packed everything away before I took pictures (I completely forgot! I'm so out of practice with my haulage and blogging!)... but I really didn't get much this time around -- I really limited myself and what I *DID* get turned out to be a disaster... let me explain:

* NEVER gotten to a Friday sale so late before.. usually get there by 8:30am for the doors to open at 10am... got there at 9:30 because of an accident on the 401... thank goodness Susan was there at 8 ^_~

* The lines inside for the products were much much longer than usual... Wendy waited 45min just for foundation!

* I got Cash Flow paint pot... only to find out when I got home that it was COMPLETELY dried up... how annoying~ the product shrank and when I turn it upside down, it just.. falls out... it's not dry enough to crumble and I suppose it can still sort of be used when rubbed against my skin... kind of like a shadestick consistency... or.. it will become a very expensive back-to-mac (B2M) empty....

* I THOUGHT I got (because I asked for) a full bottle of cleanse-off oil... when I got home I realized the lady packed me a bottle of Charged Water... which I already have like 4 of... boo....

* The Charity Bag (although still a good deal) was a huge disappointment... already had everything in there... and the pkg itself was just plain boring... PLUS... there is typically CHOICE... this time around there was only one option (even though I could see labelled on the boxes behind the table there were 8 *EIGHT* different types)...

* I spent 85% of my money at the $3 bins... and picked up 34 pairs of lashes... yeah... that's right... 34.... lol and the rest on travel sized cleansers/fix+/moisturizer -- the travel sized MAC studio moisture creme (30ml) is $3... the FULL SIZED product from stores (50ml) is $38.50CAD... 2 travel sized bottles = 60ml.... you do the math....

* Ultimately, of course, I am always grateful and appreciative of being able to go to these sales.... big thanks to L for hooking me up! <3

* Did you go to the sale this weekend? What did you haul? SHARE!!!!!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Monthly Favourites: February 2010

There isn't a lot going on in my life, yet I am always feeling anxious, busy and that there aren't enough hours in a day. I always feel like there is a lot to do with not enough time to do it. Even right now my heart is racing over the idea of knowing that I have stuff to do and it's already 7pm! Someone please give me some advice on how I should relax!!

Blogging is something that is relaxing for me, yet at the same time makes me anxious because I feel like I should be doing something else.... anyway... enough with this rambling...
These lists are really getting alittle "deja vous"... and I do apologize for that.... =(

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation #5 Sepia:
I ordered a sample of this off of their website and the colour is spot-on. I love the finish of this foundation (dewy but not oily) and I think it's what MUFE HD foundation should have been. I apply this product with the new MAC 130 brush and a little goes a long way -- I have used the sample at least 3 times a week over the last 4 weeks and still have almost the entire sample left. This photographs beautifully and I'm considering purchasing the full sized bottle after I use up all my other foundations.

Hot Planet Mineralized Blush Duo:
This is an HG product for me. I use this more during the colder months because I feel that it imitates the rosy cheeks I get from just coming in from the cold -- which I like. To me, this acts not only as a blush but also a contour colour... gotta love multiuse products!

I'm not going to just randomly pick 'favourites' when I don't have any for the month... I have used the exact same products over and over again on my eyes from the January list... so for the first time, there will be no favourites under this section for the month of February.

Miss Marble Lipglass:
I originally bought this lipgloss from the colour craft collection last summer. I liked it a lot, but like a lot of my lip products, I don't use it enough. I have used it on a lot of brides though and I think it's the perfect colour when used alone, or paired on top of Brave New Bronze lipstick (HG). I've used it a lot this past month though -- it's a very "mlbb" (my lips but better) shade for me. I'm glad that this was included in the December MAC sale's charity package, so now I have a few back-ups =P