Thursday, February 25, 2010

Answering Questions

So some of you ask me questions in the comments section of the blog and I know it seems like I'm just ignoring them, but I'm really just figuring out the best way to answer the questions without replying in the comments section. I don't want to post there, because for myself personally, once I've made a comment on a blog I don't really look back at the comments page.
So I figure I'll just create a separate post just to answer and comment back... and I think I will do this every so often =)

1. The drawer I use to hold my collection is from Office Depot and even though I commented that they don't exist in the GTA anymore, I may be wrong since Lisa commented that there is a location near her. I thought they were all closed because I had 3 locations in my area, but they all closed their doors at around the same time.

2. Yeayeahyea:
I have the MUFE concealer in both #6 and #8 -- I originally bought #6 for myself and reserved #8 for my kit... but realized that #6 was way too light for me -- even my undereyes... and #8 was surprisingly a nice match =)
- oh and I will try to do a more detailed review of the F&B foundations between MAC and MUFE as soon as I can (I've barely used either foundation during the winter months)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grad Photo FOTD

I had my graduation photos taken today... I was having a lot of trouble deciding what I wanted to do with my make-up. I knew I was going to go neutral... bit HOW neutral? my own camera washes out the shadows on me... so should I go with a lighter-hand? Should I wear false lashes or will I regret it when I look at the pictures again 20 years from now? Should I do something special with my hair??

I know it seems so silly to stress over something so little... but these pictures are pretty important to me -- I'm graduating! Finally! It was a long struggle and even longer journey to get to this point... so here is my FOTD:

All Products are MAC unless specified otherwise:
Studio Tech NC30
Studio Select NC30
Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 NW25
MUFE Full Cover Concealer #8

Hot Planet Mineralized Blush Duo
Refined MSF

Vanilla Pigment
Satin Taupe e/s
Dark Devotion e/s (2008 holiday smokey palette)
Vanilla e/s (highlight)
Blacktrac fluidline
Quite Natural paintpot (brows)
Ardell Babies (lashes)

Miss Marble lipglass

Friday, February 19, 2010

February Haul pt. 2

I love how they got the artists' signature on the boxes on this year's Viva Glam promotion. They also named the shades after the artists versus previous years where the shades were identified with Roman Numerals.

I wanted this for the sake of the hype... and because I love Lady Gaga... unfortunately, this shade doesn't really work on me... maybe I'll try different things with it and try to make it work... I want to try the Cyndi Lauper one as well...

True Babe Lipglass
From the Riveting Colletion -- this is the lipgloss version of Show Orchid which I LOVE LOVE LOVE

No Flash of True Babe

Viva Glam Gaga with flash

Viva Glam Gaga

True Babe

Show Orchid

This brush is freakin' awesome -- this is what the 187 should've been! I was never a fan of using my 187 for foundation application because I felt that it was too flimsy... I have always used the 109 for liquid application and reserved the stippling brushes for powder application (setting/blush/bronzer). But this new LE brush (promoted with the new mineralized foundation collection) is dense and soft. It is the duo fibre version of the 109! My only gripe is that the brush head is a tad small -- perhaps after using it a bit, the hairs will "splay" out a bit, make the brush had a little wider.

130 Short Duo Fibre Brush

Show Orchid compared with True Babe lipglass

Show Orchid w/True Babe on top

February Haul pt. 1

A few weeks ago I was walking along bloor near Yorkville and wanted to spend a little money... I decided to walk in Sephora (of course) and do a little browsing... I came across the (last) gift set [above] and since I knew it was on sale, I took it to the counter to get a price-check. Eureka!!! It WAS on sale! For only $25CAD!!!!!!!!! That's INSANE!!! I'm not going to lie... I have absolutely no interest in any of the products in there. The only reason why I bought this without thinking twice was for the UDPP XL! The normal sized UDPP retails at $22CAD already... so for a bottle that has 60% more product for only $3 more?? STEAL!

I picked up my birthday gift from Sephora -- this is the third year doing so, for me. The first time I got a Bliss body butter, last year was a sephora brand shower gel... I must say this year is pretty awesome, with a mascara, eye liner and shadow. I have yet to try any of the items though....

A few steps down the street, I HAD to step into MAC... I also HAD to walk out with SOMETHING... presenting: MAC RED (satin finish)... I realized that I didn't have a "good red" in my collection... I have a lot of berry shades and hot pinks.. but not really a SIREN RED.... It's super pretty... just don't know when I'd ever get the chance to use it... haha

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Camera Ready Cosmetics

New Discount Code good thru May 1, 2010: "2010"10% OFF (excludes sale items).

Friday, February 05, 2010

Milk in Bags, Eh?

Not only did I catch Sheryl/Pinc.Stuff on the local morning show (CP24 Breakfast) because of her newly viral milk bag/jug video... she's in The Star, too!

Why am I so excited for her?!? lol