Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perfect Topping MSF

As I have expressed in my full Sugarsweet review - the Perfect Topping MSF was #1 on my to-buy list, but I didn't get it at first because it was (initially) very disappointing and not what I expected it to be. After a few weeks of thinking about it and reading reviews, I decided that I NEEDED it, otherwise I would regret it... my disappointment with it at first was that the tester didn't have enough purple/violet veining as the promotional pictures did. I decided to CHOOSE my own Perfect Topping instead of having the SA pick one at random from the drawer. I am so so so glad that I ended up picking one of these up... it's a beautiful highlighter and I just love the peach veining in it (even though I wanted more purple veining lol)... this is multifunctional not only as a highlight for your cheeks and browbone but gives such a pretty sheen when layered on top of a blush (the one shown isn't mine, it's actually Buzzfuzzbunny's...)

Circle Lenses

I was DYING to try these for the longest time... but the blogshops were all so confusing to order from so I didn't even bother with those... I've tried eBay... but they're not available there... then it donned on me... "DUH!!!!!! PACIFIC MALL!!" Actually, I didn't go there for the purpose of the lenses... but when I walked by one of several stores that supplied them I stood at the window and stared for a long time. Through blogshops they are $13-$20/pair plus shipping and they last up to one year. At PMall (which is an Asian Heritage mall ie. Fob City) they were $45/pair!!!!!!! >_< !!!!!!!! but as I kept scanning... they had $25/pairs available... the difference is... the cheaper ones last only 6 months... so technically, the $45 ones are ($10) cheaper overall. But I didn't want to commit and $25 just sounds so much cheaper lol

I picked up a hazel pair... they are actually really natural looking since they are so close to my original eye colour... i quite like them... with normal coloured contacts, the part for your pupil is usually so small that when you look through them, everything is so blurry... but with these... the part for the pupil is bigger (which helps with the illusion of larger eyes), letting more light in and not blocking your vision...

I think I might pick up another pair....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Contest Reminder!

Hey Everyone!

Don't forget about the contest -- you have ONE DAY left to submit your comment and video entries!!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eye Charm: Double Eye-lid Glue

I've always known that double eye-lid tape existed... and one of my best friends, a few years ago, accidently discovered that you can get the same results with eyelash glue (ie. ardell), because it dries clear. I don't need this stuff actually since I already have a double eye-lid, but for those of you mono-lid ladies out there, this might interest you.
I have recently been on the look-out for lid tape or glue that will also adhere eyeshadow, so that it appears invisible under it -- I was introduced to a very popular product in Japan called Eye Talk , but I wasn't interested in purchasing it since it was rather expensive on Ebay and I wasn't in any hurry to get it yet. Then last week as I was ordering some lashes from an Ebay seller (I've bought from him before), I saw that he added new items which included an eye-lid glue similar to Eye Talk, called EYE CHARM for only $5 for 2 pkgs... so I decided to give it a try...
Comes with an "applicator" -- to help create the crease.

My eye before "eye charm" -- already have a double eye-lid... so gonna make it bigger..

After glue application and letting it dry a little... I use the included applicator fork to create a higher crease

My eye with a high crease, created by using Eye Charm

Overall, I was pretty impressed... but i'm sure i can get the same results with ardell eyelash glue... I even tried it with make up... I wasn't convinced... on one eye I put on a layer of eyeshadow before I used Eye Charm and on the other eye I used Eye Charm first before putting on eyeshadow. Maybe I haven't mastered the proper technique yet, but for either way, it made the eyeshadow look uneven and it was very obvious I had something on my lid...
Also... for me, this glue isn't anything special because I get the wonky/higher lids when I get too much sleep anyway (or if I rub my eyes)... lol I'm sure some of you know what i'm talking about =P

April Disappointments

Hk Collection - Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder: When I bought this I already had low expectations for this product... I wanted it for the packaging and face imprint on the powder. The powder is not pigmented at all and it seemed to have already developed a thin film/crust over it.. so there is even LESS pigmentation... my brush can't pick up any product off of it anymore... it's just poorly made in general... luckily I can reuse the compact by popping the powder out and putting in a different one.

Urban Decay Liquid Liner: I only had this product for a week before I exchanged it for a MUFE eyeshadow... It's actually a really nice liner.. great brush... but my problem with it is that it's not waterproof -- not the slightest bit. I have allergies, so my eyes get watery... any contact with moisture and the liner is ruined.... I don't know why I keep straying from my beloved fluidline....

Bubbles: I got this for a few reasons
a) It was a coveted (discontinued) shade that had a lot of great reviews
b) I wanted to use it to soften/lighten my darker more intense shades
c) I thought it would be cool/unique shade to wear on its own
Other than trying it on the day I bought it, I haven't touched it again... it's just too pale and frosty.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monthly Favourites: April

Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone:
I used this nightly until the period of my exams, when my schedule was just so out of wack and I didn't keep up with any particular routine -- resulting in tired and dull skin.
When I was using it on the regular though, I absolutely love this product. It's the only LE P+P of the Colour Ready collection (I need to officially confirm it with my MA, because there has been some mixed info floating around)... and I had picked up TWO of them during the warehouse sale. Now I'm thinking if I should pick up a third back-up O_O
In the long term, I haven't seen any significant improvement with my complexion, what I really like about this product is the finish it gives me -- smooth and matte. I only use this on my T-Zone (since there isn't a lot of product) and my regular primer on the rest of my face... it serves as a great oil-control product and a great primer.

Viva Glam VI SE:
This is such a pretty lipcolour it really is a shame that it's limited edition. From what I heard this shade will be available for one year from the date of release (but don't quote me on that one). It's a very clean blue pink in a lustre finish that is "my lips but better". I discovered that I really love lustres (my first being VG V) although they vary in pigmentation, they all feel so smooth and moisturizing. What's great about the Viva Glam lipsticks as well is that every penny (not just a percentage) of all Viva Glam sales goes towards the MAC AIDS fund -- so you'll sure to look and feel good about the purchase =)

Smile Dazzleglass:
I knew before the collection was released in stores that I was going to pick this colour up. I am nore of a neutral type of girl when it comes to glosses and lipsticks -- my staple dazzleglass is Bare Necessity. Smile is more pink and has pink sparkle -- I personally don't find the dazzleglass as sticky as the lipglasses (although a lot of reviews state otherwise)... The sparkles make this gloss so multi-dimensional and this particular shade looks so great on its own or layered over an intence lipstick to sheer it out a little as well as giving it LOTS of shine.

Stars 'n Rockets:
I've wanted this for so long... and now that I have it, I can't believe I ever went without it. This has been my most warn shade for the month of April... it's just so UGH!!! beautiful!!! I love doing purple looks and have been heavily relying on my Cool Palette from the holiday collection -- SnR blows all my purples out of the water... I have a lot of MAC shadows... some for several years, but I have yet to hit pan with any of them... I can see this one being the first to hit pan out of all of my colours.

Red Velvet Shadestick:
I almost didn't get this -- I'm so glad I did! On it's on, this is such a vibrant (could be sheered out) fushia pink. This goes hand-in-hand with Stars 'n Rockets... the eyeshadow is already such a beautiful colour, but RV used as a base makes the e/s stand out even MORE... RV shadestick + SnR eyeshadow = my fave combination.

China Glaze in Lubu Heels:
Even though this is a really dark polish that is better suited for fall/winter, I can't resist it. It can be easily replicated since it's just a black polish with red sparkles in it, but the infused red sparkles is JUST RIGHT and it just makes everything look so polished (no pun intended). Plus, this is currently the closest I will ever get to a pair of real Louboutins =P

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Several weeks ago, I discovered that Quo had come out with a new kabuki brush. Quo is a cosmetics company that is exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM). If you ask me, I've always had this suspicion that it was a company that often tried to imitate MAC. But my only evidence was that because it has a 3-letter name, like it's "competition" lol.
Well... see for yourself -- Quo's new kabuki brush is an exact replica of MAC's 180 brush. The moment I saw it, I wanted to give it a try, but it's retailed at $22... so I didn't want to risk it. This week SDM is having a 40% sale off of all Quo brushes, so I took the opportunity to finally give this knock-off a try (I wanted to get the circular foundation brush too, but they didn't have it at my location). I have to admit, even thought the handle isn't as sleek as MAC's (perhaps I'm being biased), nor are the bristles cut as neatly as MAC's... it certainly is just as soft, so I wouldn't be surprised if it performs just as well. Upon closer inspection though, there was one major difference that I found: it's not as dense as the 180. It's not really a big deal, because it IS really dense -- just the 180 is even MORE dense. Since I've only just had it for a few hours, I can't tell you guys how much it sheds... we'll see...
For $13.50, it was worth the investment, because it is a good quality brush.
Plus, I can go rough with this one and I won't feel bad if I were to lose or damage this one =P

Quick Review: A Rose Romance

So I've had the opportunity to play with my A Rose Romance goodies for a little bit. Not enough to give a thorough review (that will come later), but as I've done with big purchases on collections, a quick review and my initial thoughts of the products.

Overall: I really liked this collecton as it was right up my alley -- very natural, feminine and soft. All the shades are very wearable -- just a very pretty collection!!! If you could only pick up one item, I would say get the beauty powder or gel blush. Silverthorn and Rose Romance are nice to have but Love and Friendship and Way to Love can be skipped if you're on a budget.

Silverthorn: I had never really considered getting any of the eyeshadows in this collection, but one particular review got me intriqued with Silverthorn. It's a veluxe pearl finish, very soft and buttery and the colour is to die for. Silverthorn is a silvery colour with a very pretty golden olive sheen to it. As I was swatching it and deciding where in my palettes it would fit, I discovered that it's actually very similar to Cumulus (frost finish), except that Silverthorn has a more warm tone to it which is credited to that olive undertone and Cumulus is more blue/grey.
(Cumulus on the right, Silverthorn on the left).

Way to Love: I love natural, wearable lipcolours, so the lipsticks really appealed to me. Way to Love is a lustre, but the pigmentation of it wears like a Glaze. It is EXTREMELY sheer and you can't really see it unless you put a few good coats on (which makes it feel heavy on the lips). I have read reviews that it's a dupe of Cute-ster from the Hello Kitty collection, but Cute-ster is more gritty and sparkly. I do like this shade, but because of the lack of pigmentation, it may not be for everybody.

Rose Romance: This lipstick is also a lustre finish, but it is a little more pigmented than Way to Love, which really isn't saying much because it is pretty sheer as well. This is the prettier, more feminine shade of the two as well as more cooler in tone. If I had to choose my favourite between the two, this one is it.

Magnetique: This is such a gorgeous lipglass. A rich berry shade that is actually very pigmented and opaque, unlike the other lipglasses that MAC has launched recently (including the other two in this collection). I like shimmers and sparkes (helloooooo dazzleglass!), but it gets boring after a while, especially when it comes to lipglasses. So it's quite refreshing to see MAC come out with more rich colours such as Magnetique -- even though it's not technically new (repromote).

Summer Rose: This was definitely the star of the collection and as a beauty powder is definitely more on the pigmented side as compared to MACs other beauty powders. It's not POW! pigmented, but still visible on my NC30 complexion. The packaging/rose sculpted in the powder is just sOOOOOoooOOo pretty -- it doesn't change the performance of the product and definitely just a gimmick, but I don't ccaarreeeee =P It's a very SCULPTED rose that will keep it's shape after several uses... (I've used my HK BP a lot and the face is still very much intact)... so I would assume this would last even longer... Summer Rose is a lavendar shade and more cool than the other BP offered in the collection.

Just a Pinch: This gel blush that looks so scary intense in the packaging, is actually a very pretty sheer pinky-red when applied and actually very natural looking. The application is smooth (either with fingers or 188 brush) and buildable. As suggested by buzzfuzzbunny, when layered with Summer Rose BP, you get this very pretty-just-came-back-from-a-jog flush that isn't too over or understated. Bonus: it doubles as a lip stain!

Love and Friendship: This was a highly anticipated item for me and the reviews just made that anticipation grow and grow. When I saw it for myself for the first time, I wasn't super impressed but not yet disappointed. I am now wearing this lavendar shade nail lacquer and well... lets start with the good: I find that this polish is not as streaky as my other MAC polishes. All my other ones require THREE coats to get it streak-free and decent looking. This one only took me two, which I was REALLY impressed with -- since was expecting it to be a streaky mess like the rest.
The bad: the colour wasn't as "spring-like" as I had expected. I had thought this would be the nail polish version of Lavendar Whip lipstick... but it's actually a very dull/dirty lavendar that really (to me) seems to be more of an autumn shade. It's still a keeper though.

More MAC and Sephora

While I was making my purchase for A Rose Romance, I managed to pick up some permanent items as well as stopping by Sephora to exchange my UD liquid liner =P
I got a blush palette, eyeshadow palette (not pictured), MAC blush in Breezy, MUFE #9, Dipdown Fluidline, Viva Glam VI SE lipglass, type blanc and contrast eyeshadows.
I also picked up a Calvin Klein nail varnish from sephora... it's a BEAUTIFUL emerald green that the picture does no justice for. The colour is 235 Emarald Green =P

A Rose Romance

So what does a girl do when they finish their last exam of the semester? They go to MAC of course! (Well at least this girl does ^_~).
A Rose Romance collection was launched this week and so I picked up a few items.
Quick review coming up...


Way to Love

Rose Romance


Summer Rose

Just a Pinch

Top: Magnetique
L to R: Silverthorn, Just a Pinch, Way to Love, Rose Romance, Summer Rose

Love and Friendship

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make-up By M. Wendy Rorong

Support my girl Wendy AKA buzzfuzzbunny by joining her facebook group!

She's an aspiring make-up artist and super talented!

PS: She was also the winner of Makeupbyrenren's contest ^_~

PPS: She's also the judge for my contest =P


Due to the lack of video response to my "recreate MAC face chart" contest... I decided that those who entered the "blog contest", if you're interest, can enter the video contest as well (double the chance to win the prizes!)

Post your video response here

Good Luck!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Make-up Art Cosmetics: MAC

MAC Whore/MAC Addict/MAC is my CRACK/MAC-aholic

Just some of the names people use to describe themselves as die-hard mac fanatics.

It's no secret -- MAC has received crazy reputation from celebrities to bloggers to, of course, YT gurus.
There are blogs and forums that devote their material/content specifically to MAC (specktra and Temptalia).
What I want to know is how did MAC get SO BIG?? (big mac -- haha.. Get it?)…
MAC was originally a Canadian brand, getting its start in Toronto (woop woop represent!)… but it was bought out by cosmetics giant Estee Lauder.
I understand why a lot of Americans are 'addicts' -- it's a matter of supply and demand. From my understanding, MAC doesn't come by easy in the States, unlike here in Toronto (I can't speak for all of Canada). Judging from the videos I watch, it seems that the average distance of a MAC store to most of the people on YouTube are about 30min to 45min away.
The fact that MAC seems to be so hard to attain (in my opinion) is why it's so popular. People want what they can't have or can't get.
Here in Toronto, there are TWO MACs in almost every mall in the city -- one counter and one freestanding store… and every mall is an average of 10min away from almost everyone… needless to say, MAC is extremely accessible here… not to say there aren't MAC addicts here in Canada/Toronto *guilty*
Of course there are other reasons to love MAC -- the quality, the price (yes it's expensive to some, but not as expensive as department store brands), the variety and selection!

Also, why *I* use MAC, personally is something that one of my friends once said and it made a lot of sense to me -- "your face is important -- you don't want to put just anything on it… so it makes sense to spend a little more on better quality products that you put on your face"

How did you find out about MAC and why are you fan?

Saturday, April 18, 2009


You have GOT to be KIDDING me!!!!!
This makes me furious... first of all... bending the damn wand doesn't make it new!

Second of all, after all the cries from consumers demanding Urban Decay to change its ridiculous packaging, you'd think that it would be on the top of their list! but NOOOOO... they decided to just BEND the wand instead... wow...
I'm dumbfounded....


Friday, April 17, 2009

Sephora Haul

I picked up 2 things with the sephora 15% coupon...
- urban decay liquid liner in Perversion (might return)
- Make Up For Ever eyeshadow in no.92 (LOOVVEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!) and is my very first MUFE shadow...

What did you guys get/planning to get?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Save 15% at Sephora

Hey everyone,

this was on Temptalia's website so I thought I'd repost and share with you guys. Sephora is having an online AND in-store sale for 15% off everything. For online purchases use discount code BD2T9CB5 at checkout. Online discount is not applicable for Canadian shoppers though -- but fret not, just print out this coupon and bring it with you to the store to receive the discount.

You have to be a beauty insider (which you can sign up for at the sephora website for free) and the sale is going on until next Tuesday, April 21.

Happy Shopping!

Review: L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara

I'm always on the look-out for my HG mascara. I haven't really decided if I need length, volume or both. Since I have wimpy asian lashes, length is a must... but as I've expressed to someone before, I don't believe I've ever tried a volume mascara, so I'm not sure if I need it or not.
Waterproof is a must and I find it's the only formula that keeps a curl for me. Also, non-waterproof always smudges and flakes underneath my eyes and no one ever tells me when I'm walking around looking like a raccoon...
The Double Extend mascara by L'Oreal uses the tubing technology that gives you the illusion of lash extensions and promises no flakes or smudging.

This mascara is double ended with the primer end and the actual black mascara end. The packaging is really awkward as the wand is kind of short, so when I was applying it, it just didn't feel right. The plus side is that it really did give me length -- crazy length in fact. However, it looked really fake and spikey... and the formula was so heavy that it refused to hold a curl. Another plus is the no-flake, no-smudge factor -- it really didn't budge at all even tho it's NOT waterproof!
The coolest part of this mascara is the clean-up part. You don't need a special eye makeup remover -- only warm water is needed! Just soak a cotton pad in warm water and hold it to your eye for a few seconds OR just go straight to washing your face... lightly tug at your lashes and the mascara TUBES slide right off!

If it didn't give me such fake-looking, stiff and straight lashes, this would be a promising mascara... unfortunately, for the price ($14.99 CAD), it's more expensive than a MAC mascara and almost double Cover Girl's Lashblast (currently my favourite)... I definitely won't be repurchasing...


Monday, April 13, 2009

Sanderlees' Make-up History

Warning: This is a very lengthy/rambling blog entry

When I first stumbled upon the YouTube makeup community, I was intrigued yet confused at the same time. I always thought YT was a place for funny videos (since those are the only type of videos people sent me). I signed up for a YT account because I wanted to view "adult content" videos (lol). I was confused because I didn't know that one could share their passion in such a manner, and like many of the gurus out there, I thought "why can't I?"

I developed a love for make-up at a very young age. I may not have gotten the actual products to play with, but I cut them out of "The Bay" weekly flyers and played with those - pretending to apply my paper lipstick and paper eyeshadows. I have no sisters. I played by myself (in front of the mirror).
It has always made me wonder… I don't have sisters, and my mom despises cosmetics… so how did I develop this love for make-up at such a young age? I have asked my mom this same question. I still have no answer.
Noticing this interest of mine, a family friend bought me an eyeshadow palette (or gave me her old one) -- I have a picture of me in kindergarten with a full face of makeup (or full eyeshadows at least)… I remember getting in trouble when I tried to apply some of my eyeshadow to fellow classmates (I wasn't thinking sanitary back then)… lol

In the picture: It's hard to tell.. But if you look closely, the bottom of my eye is smudged with green =P

I became one of those girls who wore make-up to school everyday in middle school (junior high), and had mastered the liquid liner before entering high school.
I was introduced to MAC when I got my make-up done there for prom some 7 years ago? I had always known OF it… but since I rarely went to the mall, I was limited to drugstore products. I remember liking the products used on me a lot (I still have the lipstick - which I don't use - that I got to touch up throughout the night as a 'souvenir'). And I still have the eye chart given to me for reference of the products used as well as the brushes used. From that day forth, I had picked out my lifetime staple products. I was still not a "fan" though. To me, MAC was just a luxury cosmetics line, that I can indulge in for my "everyday essentials".

When university came, my interest in make-up faded, but instead I was obsessed with anything skincare. Sleepless nights takes a toll on your skin, and so I was more concerned with keeping my face acne-free =)
I remember this one incident where my friend whipped out her MAC Lipglass and I asked how much one of those run for. When she told me it cost $16.5, I scoffed "you'd never catch me spending that much on a lipgloss -- you're crazy!"
I think about that a lot… cuz I seem like such a hypocrite now and I wonder what she thinks of my collection now =P
But I was curious… and so my bf bought me my first lipglass a few weeks later (Spirited)… and from there started my MAC addiction…

Enter Youtube (March 2008). When I first discovered YT make-up videos, I had established 18 potted MAC shadows… and I thought that was A LOT and thought anyone with MORE would be crazy (lol)… then I discovered haul videos and collection videos… and I thought, "wow… I thought I had a lot… how could anyone use that much makeup" lol… again… I feel hypocritical.
From YT, I discovered there has always been a make-up based community all over the web! Why have I not been informed?? LoL
From there, my MAC addiction was refueled…
I actually don't wear make-up that often… but I love looking at my collection and just swatching my products whenever I have the time -- and that makes me happy =P

One of my friends got into modelling and decided to pull me into the scene -- this is what started my freelancing. I've worked at professional photoshoots and continue to build my portfolio. This also reiterated my passion for everything make-up.

Finally, I would have to say my MAC collection grew significantly since I met buzzfuzzbunny… fellow mac addict. She is an AMAZING artist (and such an enabler! ^_~) and I've been trying to get her to post tutorials. Canadians like to do their Timmie's Runs… we do our Mac Runs ;)

Basically… what I'm trying to say, now that I'm completely off topic, is that the YT make-up community has exploded. Before discovering it, YT never had top videos that involved make-up -- hence me never realizing there was such a community in the first place. But now, there are lots of make-up related videos in the "top videos" section. The make-up community is dangerous… we feed off each other's addictions which assists in what we think we want and need… which causes our collections to grow… and grow… and grow...
I am so glad that I found this community to be a part of, because when I was on my own, my friends never understood me (and still don't)...
I used to make excuses for my "addiction" and just the other day one of my best friends said "you don't even try to hide it anymore eh!"... and i know it's "just makeup" and it seems silly to feel embarassed sometimes... but that's because there are too many people out there who judge.
I look forward to see where this will take me... whether it be on this blog, my YT channel or as a working freelance artist...

Cheers to all you make-up junkies =)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Review: Studio Sculpt Foundaton SPF15

So like many people, I have been on a hunt for the right foundation for a VERY long time... it doesn't have to be HG... it just has to WORK. I can't say that my search is over however. The consistancy is lovely -- a thick cream/gel that glides on the skin nicely. I still haven't decided how to apply it though -- it seems that the 187 doesn't blend it smoothly enough... the 190 makes it a tad streaky... the 109 is near perfect BUT.. it sheds a lot (which i suppose has nothing to do with the finish on my face anyhow).

I am unfortunately inbetween shades (NC25/NC30), so it is twice as expensive for me, because it is required that i mix the two in equal parts (otherwise one is WAY too light and the other WAY too dark). The finish (for me) is lightly dewy... almost looks like MY skin... and makes everything very even and not mask-like... it has great coverage... but doesn't last as long as I would like.

The packaging is GREAT... I do believe that I will probably use NC30 alone during the summer months... but as for re-purchase -- altho i am quite happy with this product... it is unfortunate that i am inbetween shades and therefore have to buy TWO bottles... which makes it SUPER SUPER pricey for me -- we'll see =]


Thursday, April 09, 2009

FOTD: Blues

All MAC unless otherwise specified

Oil Control Lotion
Refined Skin Zone Treatment
Quo Primer
Select cover-stick NC30
Studio Tech Foundation NC30
MSFN Medium Plus
P+P Finishing Powder

Sea Me Shadestick
Cumulus e/s
Tilt e/s
Parrot e/s
Star by Night e/s
Vanilla e/s
Fluidline in Blacktrack
no name lashes

Lollipop Loving


Dazzleglasses (Double Dazzle collection) has been released weeks early!!!!!!! There has been rumours of it coming out today, but XINAROX had already hauled it from YESTERDAY!! I was sooo excited, I went to MAC immediately after my class this morning!!!
The MAC i went to actually hasn't launched it yet... and i don't think was sure whether they were suppose to (they didn't even have the display stand for it yet)... but they brought out the testers for me to play with and i picked up two. One of the LE ones and one perm one... i am contemplating the other LE ones.. JUST because they are LE.... but i didn't like the colours so much... so i prob won't get them.. and HELLO!!!!! who is excited as I am that these are finally perm?!?!!?!? AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH which is why i only picked up 2 and didn't go crazy... cuz i can "always go back for more" =)

I'm a little disappointed with one thing tho... my all-time-favourite (Bare Necessity) seemed to have changed... it may look the same on my lips (not sure)... but from the tube, the new one looks a bit darker... boo =(.. the MAs kind of mocked me (under their breath, but i heard them) saying "way to pay too much attention to detail" or something along the lines of that... meh...

I picked up Smile (perm) and it's actually fairly similar to Bare Necessity... (you can see in the swatches) so i guess i'm not THAT disappointed... =P Smile is more pink in the packaging tho...

I HAD to get Goldyrocks (LE).. i knew that it would come out sheer/clear on my lips, but I didn't care... it's sooo nice to look at...!!

*I need to stop buying things just because I like it in the packaging.. lol

I also picked up Perfect Topping... yes I caved... I asked to pick one of my own.. it's not as pretty as 's -- her PT MSF is GORGEOUS!! but i'm happy with mine =)

Pics (with the Dazzleglasses I got from the original launch May 2008)

(L-R) Funtabulous, Comet Blue, Bare Necessity, Smile, Goldyrocks

Left: Goldyrocks on top, Smile on bottom
Right: (top to bottom) Comet Blue, Funtabulous, Bare Necessity

Can you see that Smile and Bare Necessity are actually very similar? =)

Perfect Topping Swatches (Left to right)
all mixed, peachy part, violet part
Flash makes everything ugly =(

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

30% off UB and Costa

This weekend only!

CONTEST!! [closed]

Part 1:
Please comment under this post with your suggestions and requests with what you would like to see on this blog.
To qualify, you have to be a follower of this blog -- Easy as that =)

Winner will be chosen using

If you decide to enter Part 1 of the contest/giveaway, please do not enter in...

Part 2:
Please post a video response to my contest announcement video (found in the panel on the left side of your screen) with the recreation of a MAC face chart look of your choice. Make sure to indicate somewhere in your video the face chart you used according to number (and name of the chart). I will not be choosing the winner (but i will definitely be watching all of video entries!) Instead, I have enlisted buzzfuzzbunny as the judge!

The face charts can be found here: .
If you decide to recreate a look based on a face chart that is NOT on that website, that's OKAY too -- just make sure you link us to the face chart that you did use =)
To qualify, you must be a subscriber to my YouTube Channel.

Both contests end on April 30, 2009 at 11:59 EST (giving you all plenty of time!!)


Blog Prize:
MAC slimshine in Gentle Simmer
MAC 205 lash fan brush
MAC pro pan eyeshadow in Signed, Sealed (Matte2)
EDM Gentle Lip Scrub
Posh brow brush with stencils
ELF Eyeshadow brush
Estee Lauder mini eyeshadow palette
+ extras?

Video Prize:
MAC 205 brush
MAC 209 brush
MAC shadestick in Taupographic
MAC MES in Engaging
MAC slimshine in Gentle Simmer
MAC mini lustreglass in Flashmode
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara
ELF blending brush

If I missed anything or if anything is unclear, feel free to leave a comment here (won't be counted as a blog entry) and I'll be sure to answer you to the best of my ability =)

Good luck everyone!

FOTD: Neutral

I usually don't wear make-up to school, but since I haven't slept all night, I actually had some time to quickly put something together. It's extremely neutral (and probably a little messy)... but I did it in 10min... lol

MAC Oil Control Lotion
MAC Skin Revined Zone Treatment
MSFN in medium plus
Grand Duo mineralized blush

Fast response eye cream
Select cover-up in NW20
Gold Mode pigment
Bronze e/s
Signed, Sealed e/s
Kid e/s
Vanilla e/s
Blacktrack fluidline
Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara

lightly dabbed on Saint Germain l/s to give a little colour to the neutral look

I'm about to cave...

I wanted Perfect Topping MSF when pictures of the Sugarsweet collection first surfaced months ago... I went to see it for myself the day it was launched in stores and was highly disappointed... now 3 weeks later after reading great reviews and seeing some pictures... I am about to cave and purchase it tomorrow.... BUT only if the MA lets me choose my own.... =P
What should I do??

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I would like to announce a contest soon...
As per the poll, it will be a two-parter...
Any ideas on what kind of "looks" i should ask for?
Leave your comments and suggestions =)

Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone


"A lightweight emulsion that helps control sebum (oil) and shine on the skin's surface and immediately reduce the appearance of pores on the skin. It dries down to a natural-looking, natural-matte finish. Over time, it genlty exfoliates the skin, helping to unclog pores, keeping them clean, clear and less visible. It also helps to improve skin tone over time and provides a smooth, even surface for improved makeup application. For daytime use, apply it over your fave mac moisturizer and under other p&p products and foundation. For nighttime use, it should be applied to cleansed skin before moisturizer. It is dermatologist-tested and appropriate for all skin types."

I used Smashbox's Anti-Shine for a couple of months -- although it does control the shine, it is very tricky to use. If used improperly, you get this white powdery filmed left on your skin which isn't very attractive. With Skin Refined Zone, you get the same matte finish, except it's so much easier to use. It's fairly lightweight (although a friend has expressed that she felt it a little heavy for her) and only needs to be used in the oily areas (T-Zone). I have fairly large pores and interested to see how well it will "minimize" the size of them over time (although don't be fooled, pore size cannot be changed). I use it over my MAC oil-control lotion and it keeps me shine free for the MAJORITY of the day (slightly longer than Anti-shine -- and i was pretty impressed with that).
This is essentially the same price as Anti-Shine ($40 for 30ml), in fact MAC is slightly more expensive at $23.50 for only 15ml.You get a very small amount for what you pay for, but a little goes a long way.


I just wanted to let you guys all know that my site is now officially:

Using "blogspot" in the link will still redirect you back to here =)


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Review: Maybelline Lash Stiletto

I normally would prefer to do a review after using a product for about a week...
I bought the Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara today, not because it's been getting so much attention lately, but more because it was on sale and it gave me bonus optimum points (lol)..
I'm giving it a review now after a day, because I put it on as soon as I got home, and now at 11:30pm (about 8 hours later), I think that I've given it a good test run.
My initial reactions was that it did give me a fair bit of length for my wimpy asian lashes... but no patent shine like it promised (which is fine, cuz i don't think i want shiny lashes)... I was a little weary though, that it doesn't offer a waterproof formula, as I haven't had good experiences with non-formulas (a lot of smudging under the eye)... but now 8 hours later, I'm impressed that this non-waterproof mascara has minimal smudging... it smudged a TINY bit, but not the raccoon-like darkness I'm accustomed to seeing with a mascara that isn't waterproof. Granted, I've actually been home all day... this will have to stand the test of hot and humid weather -- THEN we'll see how I feel about it afterwards=P


The good:
* Gives length and defines
* Does not smudge or flake
* Easy clean-up (no need for oil based removers -- just soap and water)
* Well designed brush (not the plastic/spikey ones we've been seeing) that tapers so you can get the little lashes
* Good grip on the handle

The Bad:
* Not shiny as it claims (altho not necessarily bad)
* No option of a waterproof formula
* No added volume
* Certain smell that some people can't tolerate (although I don't mind)

Still though.... nothing has yet to impress me the way CG Lashblast (waterproof) has... =)

Friday, April 03, 2009

FOTD: Purples

So this is like my second FOTD post and I'm pretty sure I used almost exactly the same products as my first one... lol.. but this time around, I made the shadow higher up on my lids, so it's more noticeable when my eyes are open.. lol
A tutorial of this is also on youtube and can be found on the side bar to your left =)

All MAC unless otherwise specified

Quo Total Perfection Face Primer
Skin Refined Zone
Studio Touch-Up Stick NC30
Studio Sculpt Foundation NC25 and NC30
MSFN in Medium Plus
Hot Planet Mineralized Blush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Red Velvet Shadestick
Stars 'n Rockets
Parfait Amour
Deep Feeling
Blacktrack Fluidline
Hello Kitty Lashes

Lip Conditioner (tube)
Viva Glam VI SE

Haul already?

What? You just had a super haul... it hasn't even been a week yet and you have another haul??

yes yes my lovely ladies... it's a small one... but i made purchases nonetheless... I had a stressful term test today and will have a stressful 3 weeks to come (exams)... so this is a treat for completeing my last test of the semester as well as a pre-treat for my upcoming exams =P

Just in time for A Rose Romance <3>

Viva Glam VI SE

Bubbles (from the sugarsweet collection)

Bubbles up-close

(can you see i'm lacking in sleep?)

Viva Glam VI SE up-close

so natural looking

EDIT: forgot to mention the #116 blush brush in the picture =)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Review: Sugarsweet Shadesticks

The shadesticks that were released with the Sugarsweet collection were the first that I've gotten from MAC. Good thing too, since I've heard such mix reviews of the original ones (great pigmentation, but drying on the lid)... that actually shouldn't be a problem for me, as I have rather oily lids lol... but it still deterred me from actually trying them. Enter the new shadestick, which I bought all 5 available shades of... Butternutty, Cakeshop, Lemon Chiffon, Penny and Red Velvet. These beauties are creamy and glides on smoothly -- blends wonderfully. My absolute favourites are Red Velvet and Penny... and my least favourite, if i had to choose, is probably cakeshop (because it's really glittery on the lid).
When used over a primer and under eyeshadows as a base, they not only make the shadow colours adhere nicely and give them a POP of colour, but it withstands the creasing as well. When used alone, or even just as an overall wash over UDPP or TFSI, I find that it DOES crease after a few hours. Not a huge problem, in my opinion, because I just run my finger over it to smooth it out again, and i'm good to go.
Since purchasing and trying these, I have obtained an additional 3 (three) shadesticks of the original formula/packaging -- I have yet to try them so I can't compare, but will do as soon as I get the chance to =)

(4 out of 5)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Review: Lollipop Loving Lipstick

A little history:
I suppose a proper review is not needed as I've already expressed my LOVE for this particular shade of lipstick. Over the past YEAR (not even.. probably past 9 months or so) my lipstick collection had grown exponentially. I was never a lip product user (didn't appreciate how fast they faded and the constant reapplication)... for the longest time my only lipsticks were from Clinique (because of the gift with purchase specials) and I've only had a LONE MAC lipstick for the past 7 years (which I *NEVER* used)... although i've had a few lipglasses/plushglasses etc...
My second MAC lipstick purchase was Viva Glam V in July '08 and I loved it -- a very neutral, everyday shade... then it was all downhill from there... lol I'm not sure how many I have accumulated to date... (a lot especially with my track record)... but even though I still rarely wear lipsticks... I feel I can use it in my freelance kit as well as add a punch of colour to my look every now and then... it really is an essential to complete a look ^_^

Well on to the review:
I LOVE IT -- period.

LoL.. ok ok... Lollipop Loving is in a Glaze formula which gives minimal pigmentation and high gloss shine... on my semi-pigmented lips, it shows up as a very sheer peach with noticeable green sheen... it sounds really really weird, but it really compliments my skintone. I really do love this lipstick and contemplating if i should get a SECOND backup and I seem to be going through my first tube fairly quickly. Since it repromoted only a year later (Heatherette) -- perhaps I should take a risk and wait for it to be repromoted yet again? I saw it at the warehouse sale in the heatherette packaging.. but didn't pick it up because I figured I already picked up a back-up AND reviews have stated that the formulations are slightly different (it has improved)... nevertheless, this has replaced my Viva Glam V as my everyday-go-to lipstick... I have used it with different looks and (for me) it compliments everything... HG!!!!!

(5 out of 5)

Upcoming Collections

Hey lovelies,

I'm supposed to be listening tentatively in lecture right now, but I thought I'd do some procrastinating and blog instead =D
If you visit you'll find that there are two new collections that will be launched this summer... I am VERY excited about them... the first is the Colour Craft Collection ( which is a mineralized collection with 6 (SIX!!!!!!) MSFs released with them (some repromote)... I have become such a fan of MSFs... I LOVE them, altho the recent releases (athough beautiful to look at) all look too similar swatched =( -- this collection will be available on July 9.
The second collection is the Euristocrats II (I believe the first one was released in Asia only)
( This collection's focus is on lip products and features a lot of the much desired lipsticks/dazzleglasses that were only available in Asia (included in this collection is the recently released Saint Germain)... and according to the information provided by Specktra, looks like dazzleglasses are official permanent items (WOOT!) -- to be released July 2.

There is also the anniversary collection called Graphic Garden (last '08s Colour forms collection) that is only available at The Bay/Nordstroms... but I don't believe there is much information on that yet... the release date is slated for July 9.

Happy Wednesday!