Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Make-Up Collection: Bronzers/Beauty Powders

I don't own a lot of bronzer/beauty powders... don't really know why... I find that bronzers can be "duped" with blush and beauty powders are just a fancy pressed powder for setting make-up...
Tahitian Sand BP, Summer Rose BP, MSFN (swapped compact with HK powder)
Refined Golden, Golden, Alpha Girl BP

I used to love this stuff... I haven't touched them in a while... but they are very soft bronzers/blush/highlighters

Tropic Tan: Bronzer & Shimmer Duo, Blush & Bronzer Duo

MAC Lustre Drop dupes: Summer Love, Beach Party, Thriller
Bronze Hero, Sun Rush, Pink Rebel

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MAC New Price List

I'm not sure if MAC is still going through a transition with prices, but I have noticed some changes for some products. I don't completely remember what the old prices were for ALL the products, but I wanted to compile a list of the items that DID get a hike in $$$:

All prices in CAD

Shadow (pot): $17 --> $17.50
Mascara: $14 --> $15.50
False Lashes: $14 --> $15.50

Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 Foundation/Loose: $35 --> $35.50
Studio Sculpt SPF15: $33.50 --> $35.50
Studio Tech Foundation: $35 --> $35.50
Studio Stick SPF15: $35 --> $35.50

Select Cover Up: $18.50 --> $20
Studio Finish SPF 35: $18.50 --> $20
Studio Stick: $18.50 --> $20
Select Moisture Cover: $18.50 --> $20

Mineralized Blush (duo): $27 --> $27.50
Powder Blush (pro pan): $17 --> $18.50
Powder Blush (Pot): $21 --> $22
Rose Romance Beauty Powder: $26.50 --> $27

Lip Conditioner (Tube): $15 --> $16

Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50: $33.50 --> $36.50 (holy crap $3!!)
Wipes/Bulk: $30 --> $31
Fix+: $20 --> $21.50
Nail Lacquer: $13 --> $14.50
Fragrances: $27 --> $30
Foundation Pump: $5 --> $6 (it was $3 last year!!!! GRRR)
Powder Puff: $10 --> $11

Monday, July 27, 2009

Haul: Love That Look

Starflash makes a return this year as an 'anniversary' reappearance from its original launch about a year ago. With 8 new shades and 4 re-promotes, the formula is as buttery and soft as the originals. I asked the MA when MAC will be making the Starflash formula a perm item and she said "hopefully soon" which really isn't much information haha. I have a few from last year including Smoke and Diamonds and Grand Entrance. This time around I picked up four more... the pictures are generally taken without flash and doesn't do justice to what they truly look like in person. I found that using flash with these shadows caused a white glare -- probably due to their pearly finish?

I noticed that the MAC website have yet to raise prices of their items, although the Starflash shadows are $17.50 whereas the perm eyeshadows are still $17. Perhaps they are transitioning slowly, but if the shadows are only going up by $0.50 instead of the $1.00 as I was previously told, then it's not SO bad I suppose.... I have yet to return to a MAC store to confirm the price mark-up.

One- Off

Rated "R"

Style Snob

Fashion Groupie Rated "R", One-Off, Style Snob, Fashion Groupie
(w/o flash)

Rated "R", One-Off, Style Snob, Fashion Groupie
(w/ flash)

Friday, July 24, 2009

MAC News

* The Baby Bloom collection and Love That Look collection are both launched at MAC one week earlier than its original launch date. I've already picked up some shadows from the Love That Look collection and got a sample of the new tinted moisturizer/foundation!

*** BIG NEWS***
MAC will be raising their price points for all items starting TOMORROW JULY 25th!!!!!!
From what the SA told me eyeshadows will go up $1 from $17 to $18CAD -- everything else will be going up as well.... sigh...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Make-Up Collection: Paint Pots

Top: Painterly, soft Ochre , Fresco Rose, Rubenesque
Middle: Indianwood, Quite Natural, Green Stroke, Delft
Bottom: Blackground

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Make-up Collection: MSFs

Just a heads up that I'll be slow with the posts for the next couple of weeks...
what else but school? =(
Top: Blonde, Redhead
Bottom: Petticoat, So Ceylon

Light Flush, Perfect Topping
Glissade, Refined

Sunny By Nature, Gold Deposit
Cheeky Bronze, Warmed

Triple Fusion, Smooth Merge
Porcelain Pink, Warm Blend

Monday, July 20, 2009

I Caved

131 Brush

PS: The MAC SA let it slip that this might be a perm item.

ZannClip Promo

Hi everyone!!

I have some exciting news!!!

You may have read several weeks back (or seen the video) on my review of the ZannClip. It's this revolutionary and super cute hair clip that can help you create several styles or just hold your hair in a simple pony. The best part (in my opinion) of it is that it doesn't leave an ugly dent in your hair like elastics can...


not only has ZannClip reduced its prices (many people have complained about their price point), but they are generously offering my readers/viewers 15% off their order!!

Just type in promo code: SAND at checkout to receive your 15% off!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swaplifter Update

So I finally received my items back from Moschino000/c0ryan, who swaplifted me over a month ago...

I am not pleased.... I sent her two items that were BRAND NEW... and they are now returned to me in obviously used conditions. To be honest, seeing these items kind of repulses me... and I want to get rid of them as soon as possible.
No I am not swapping, sorry.

I'm going to sell these items to serious buyers -- please email me with a serious/reasonable offer...

Items for sale:

Select Sheer Loose Powder in discontinued shade NW15

Description: WAS brand new, but the sticker has been peeled back and replaced. Picture available upon request.

Retail value: $21USD
Rare and discontinued MAC 180 kabuki brush

Description: WAS brand new, but the swaplifter has sloppily painted a layer of nailpolish over the word "MAC" and "180". There is also a chip at the bottom handle of the brush that the swaplifter CLAIMED was sent to her that way -- but it certainly was not. There IS a bit of a crack however that is barely noticeable (and that I was aware of before the swap) at the base of the bristles. So small that I don't think photographing it would pick it up. Picture available upon request.

Retail value: estimated at $45USD

Again, serious buyers only -- please email me and make your offer (also please take into consideration paypal fees + shipping = ~$5-$7 USD).

Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Make-Up Collection: Lipsticks

For the longest time (up until about a year ago) I only owned ONE MAC lipstick (but several Clinique from gift with purchases). I always felt that lipstick was a little dated and I just never really saw myself using them. I still rarely wear lipstick, but I've developed an unhealthy love for them nonetheless =P Here is a collection of my MAC lipsticks that I've hauled over the past year (with the exception of Mystique).

Special pkg: Brave New Bronze (satin), Girl About Town (amplified),
Kiss Manish (frost), Honey Moon (frost), Big Bow (glaze)

Special pkg: Strayin' (frost), Cute-Ster (lustre), Gladiola (matte), Fleshpot (Satin)

Cremesheen: Creme Cup, Lavendar Whip, Creme d'Nude

Peachstock (satin), Lollipop Loving (glaze), Bubbles (glaze)

Lustre: A Rose Romance, Way To Love, Creme Cerise, Blow Dry

Amplified Cream: Violetta, So Scarlet, Saint Germain

Frost: Strange Hybrid, Pomposity, What a Do, Mystique, "O", Port Red

Viva Glam: V (lustre), VI SE (lustre)

Slim Shine: Intimidate, Urgent!, Assertive, Gentle Simmer, Mousse

Pro Longwear: Unchanging, Fully Charged, Custom Rose

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Giveaway [closed]

I am overstocked with lashes -- so I am giving away 5-10 pairs of BRAND NEW, various styles and brands, false lashes to one winner. Please leave a comment under this post (with your email), telling me when you usually wear lashes (daily? special occastions?). You must be a follower of this blog. Giveaway closes Sunday, July 19 11:59pm EST and the randomly chosen winner will be contacted via email the following day.

Good luck!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Make-Up Collection: Lipgloss

Plushglass: Angel Cream, Bingo!, Big Baby

Special pkg lipglass: Kiss Manish, Pink Manish,
Gold Rebel, Liberated, Sweetness

Lipglass: Spirited, Florabundance, Of Corset!,
Viva Glam VI SE, Magnetique, Cult of Cherry

Lip Gelees: Valentine's, Saplicious, Glosspitality

Love Nectar (Lustreglass), Not So shy (See Thru Lip Colour), Flashmode (Lustreglass)
Dazzleglasses: Comet Blue, Love Alert, Funtabulous,
Goldyrocks, Via Veneto, Bare Neccesity, Smile

Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass, Miss Marble, Eccentricity

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Quick Review: Colour Craft Blushes and Lipglasses

Daft Pink (Deep blue pink with light white yellow veining): I picked this one up because I don't have Love Rock from the Grand Duos collection... it's a tad lighter which is nice because the reason I didn't get Love Rock was because I felt it was too bright for me. So for those of you who have Love Rock, you can definitely skip this, otherwise, it's a pretty blue-based pink to have.

Improvise (Midtone neutral coral with light white yellow gold veining): This was at the top of my list -- it's orange!! haha... but it's so beautiful and unique! I think this would look so great this summer and transitioning into the fall.

Fad-dabulous (dirty burnt coral yellow gold veining): Just looking at it from the pan, I could tell it was a dupe of Hot Planet (Grand Duos Collection), which I must admit was the reason I bought it. I have Hot Planet and for those of you who've been following this blog for awhile, know that it's practically my HG blush... I LOVE it... so to have it in a "full dome" vs. half is great for me!

Cheek and Cheerful (Midtone bronzy brown with yellow gold veining): This is nothing special as it's just another bronzing shade with a bit of frost. It's actually a great dupe of So Ceylon MSF, so for those of you who missed it -- this is a great find (plus it's cheaper than the MSF too).

Style Demon (Dirty brick red with copper veining): I didn't plan to get this one at all... I felt that it was just too dark. When I swatched it though, it reminded me of the no-name blush I used to LOVE... it was just too pretty to resist...

Eclectic Edge (Cool Violet): This was at the top of my list hands down... very pretty and pigmented lilac/lavendar colour that would pair nicely with my Lavendar Whip l/s.

Miss Marble (Muted Pink): This is a very pretty, not too shimmery neutral pink that can be worn everyday. The formula is great, the colour pay-off is awesome.

Overall: The blushes from the Grand Duos collection were my first mineralized blushes in general... but these are my first orginal mineralized blushes. I've wanted Dainty and Gentle... but never got around to purchasing them. I was extremely excited to try these out since the colours look unique to me and just soooooooooo pretty. I picked up all but one (which I probably will end up getting anyway since the collection feels so incomplete)... the reason I didn't pick up Hand-Finish was because when swatched, it looked really similar to Moon River... if you're not a fan of the frosty finish that mineralized blushes usually offer, then don't get them. I am indifferent with the frosy finish... but as long as they aren't chunky glitters, then i'm content. The blushes are all very well pigmented with a soft powdery feel and the frost actually provides a bit of a glow when used sparingly and appropriately. I'll have to give these babies a trial run for a few weeks before I can give my full review on them.
The lipglasses were a surprise. I had only planned to pick up Eclectic Edge, but Xinarox's swatch on Miss Marble was enough to convince me to pick that one up too... and there are definitely no regrets! The lipglasses with this collection are fairly pigmented (especially if you compare them to the Sugar Sweet Collection's triglosses!) but the packaging is lacklustre... the doefoot doesn't work with the square tube, so very little product is dispensed... the plus side is that the formula to these are not as sticky as the traditional lipglasses at all, in fact, it's kind of creamy... which I like, but still not as smooth as the cremesheen glasses (which I miss dearly!).

In general, I do feel that half the blushes were dupable with the Grand Duos collection, and the rest probably with something else... It's hard to choose the winners and losers of the bunch... but if I had to pick, the must-haves are Eclectic Edge lipglass and Improvise and Style Demon blushes. The ones to skip because of how easily duped they are would have to be Fad-dabulous and Daft Pink.

Colour Craft Collection Haul Part 2

Blushes and Lipglasses

Daft Pink



Cheek and Cheerful

Style Demon

Daft Pink, Improvise, Fad-dabulous, Cheek and Cheerful, Style Demon

Eclectic Edge

Miss Marble

Eclectic Edge, Miss Marble

Miss Marble
Eclectic Edge