Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monthly Favourites: January 2010

So I had actually completely forgot about making a favourites post for the month of January, until I logged onto YouTube and saw everyone's "favourites" videos... been really busy, so it definitely slipped my mind. Plus, I'm currently distracted by the Grammy's -- which btw, has been a pretty amazing show so far -- I hope Bon Jovi performs "Always"!!!

MUFE HD Foundation #127:
I hated this foundation when I first got it... but that's because I got it in the wrong shade -- and continued to get it in the wrong shade (in fact... #127 might still be a tad light for me)... as an NC30, according to MUA, I'm "supposed" to be matched to 118 or 120 -- they were way too yellow and way too light for me.... and when photographed, I had that ghastly white mask thing going on... not to mention that it left me feeling so greasy... I think this foundation is anything but HD and I really don't trust it when it comes to being photographed... ESPECIALLY when used with the HD powder (omg -- that's a whole other story)...
So you may be wondering.... then WHY is this in my favourites list then? Well... I finally found a shade that I can actually pull off, albiet maybe still a tinge too light (i meant to get 128 but for some reason blurted out 127 at IMATS -- no returns -- plus I didn't realize til I got home). I like the way it looks sans photography -- it CAN be naturally, when not piled on and used in moderation with the right primer -- ie. MUFE HD Primer -- I find that it doesn't work with any other primer (for me)... I do need to set this with powder though, because regardless of it being the right shade for me now, it still leaves me kind of shiny.
I typically use this foundation during the day for school/work and switch over to my Studio Fix Liquid for night-time use, when necessary. Mind you, when the weather warms up again, I will be using my trusty MUFE Face and Body foundation for my daily/day time foundation.

MAC Studio Moisture Cream:
This has been a godsend for me during these winter months. I have never been a heavy cream user, but my skin has been feeling extra parched lately. I don't use this all over my face, rather, I concentrate most of my application on my cheek area. Although it feels thick, my skin drinks it up and doesn't leave it feeling greasy at all.

MAC Cremeblend blush (Joie-de-vivre):
This is such a great product. I've been using this nearly every time I put on make-up, either in its lonesome, or as a base under a different blush/bronzer. I have a small collection of creme blushes from MAC, but I rarely used them because, although I loved the colours, I just did not like the formula. The formula to this particular creme blush from MAC is so smooth and light weight (gel-like), imparts lots of pigmentation that is buildable and doubles as a lip product!

MAC Vanilla Pigment:
When I had this as a sample, I barely used it -- maybe because I was afraid of it running out. Now that I have a full jar of it, I can't stop using it! I've always known it was versatile -- but omg... this is LOVE. I've used it as an all-over wash, or as an inner corner colour. Just... so many uses...

MAC Satin Taupe e/s:
I have this as part of one of 2008's holiday palette (smokey one I believe). I think I will have to purchase the pro-pan form of this, for easier travels. This is a staple -- Vanilla (pigment) on the lids and Satin Taupe in the crease and you have your day look. Add some black or dark brown to the outer V and you're ready for a night out.

YSL Rouge Volupte #9 (Pink Caress):
I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK! It is luxury in a tube. I got #1 first -- a nude/beige colour, which I love, but found it a little difficult to wear because it shows all the imperfections and fine lines on your lips (it is very similar to creme d'nude). Although #1 is just as creamy, the colour is just not as smooth as the formula. #9, however, is a completely different story -- the colour/pigmentation is just as smooth as the forumla. Just one swipe across your lips and the colour is evenly distributed -- creamy, buttery goodness! I want to try MORE shades!

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by me and I am not affiliated with any of the companies/brands.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pinc Stuff

Sheryl, founder of, is super talented and creative -- not only with her videos (I especially love her Canadian series), but especially with her baked goods accessories and "eye candy". She creates and makes each piece herself and the details are just so intricate and realistic, you can't help but feel hungry after looking at them (dangerous for a sweet tooth like myself). When she debuted the bow and pearl earrings before the holidays, I totally drooled over them -- they are just so pretty!! I couldn't decide between red or black =P

Not only are her accessories sweet -- but she is as well (haha was that lame of me or what?) -- we've corresponded before and she's just super nice. I'm also an avid followering/reader of her blog, which she calls "random" -- it often has hilarious anecdotes, insightful thoughts, common life dramas and thought-provoking posts that often puts certain topics into perspective.

Check out her e-store if you haven't already -- I guarantee your mouth will water with all her yummy creations!

Nice little surprise: she also inclued an adorable (and of course so realistic) chocolate chip cookie charm/pendant.... *drooooooolz*
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the aforementioned company and the initial item mentioned was purchased by me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How I Organize My Collection (pic heavy)

I've been asked about showing my updated collection/how I organize everything. I won't go through piece-by-piece since it is constantly growing anyway (I'll leave that for my collection series), but I will show you how and where I stash everything. I am very quickly running out of space -- I have a very small room, so not only am I running out of storage space, but just space in my room, in general!

** The dividers are all from Dollarama

I know -- it's so cluttered. Half my brushes were just deep cleansed, so they were sitting on my desk drying and not pictured. I had JUST cleaned this area up -- it's normally even messier and more cluttered =(

I got the holder for my MAC palettes from Wendy -- they were originally holders for packages of pilot pens =P They fit in there PERFECTLY! There are eyeshadow and blush palettes in there and I am officially out of space for more =(

Everything in the little blue box is my "everyday" stuff that I reach for frequently.

No more space for lippies -- I've bursted one box before... and this one is about to blow....

The set of drawers I keep almost everything in (office depot -- which doesn't even exist anymore!~ wtf?)... and of course... my sleeping Phoebe ^_^

What sits on top of it all: skin care and necessities

Drawer 1: Face products
(and for some reason... OCC lip tars)

Drawer 2: MSFs

Drawer 3: Blush

Drawer 4: Highlighters/Bronzers
NYX loose pigments/drugstore shadows
gift with purchase Clinique stuff

Drawer 5: Bases
Paint pots/gel liners/NYX jumbo pencils/mascaras

Drawer 6: Palettes/Quads

Drawer 7: MAC/NARS/MUFE potted shadows
MAC Pigments and glitters

Drawer 8: MAC Wipes/ELF/NYX

Drawer 9: Lashes
(a lot are stashed in boxes UNDER my vanity table)

Drawer 10: Extras/Misc.
Disclaimer: everything in this post was purchased by myself.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Birthday

So it was my birthday last week and I must say it was the BEST birthday I've EVER had =D I typically don't like to celebrate my birthday, because I don't like to party and I don't like to drink, but I figure for this year, I will do it one last time. My friends made it one to remember =)
On my actual birthday my best friends took me out to sushi and presented me with my present -- Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene wallet to match my Neverfull purse =D
Then on Saturday, I made reservations at a restaurant/bar and a bunch of people just came out and we all had a good time -- and I might've had a little too much fun haha...

Because I was worried about the classic canvas getting frayed over several uses (common for gucci bags), I opted to exchange it for a more durable and classy leather one. It was pretty much my bday upgrade from the bf lol. We took FOREVER deciding whether I wanted to keep the one he originally got me, or the leather one -- he even offered to just buy me both... although it was tempting... i made the exchange instead... hehe... one day... haha
But I really really love this one -- it's a beautiful chocolate brown colour.



I *heart* it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Already hauling too much...

Ok fine... so I went back and picked up the other two blushes from the Lilyland collection. I am in love with this blush/formula. I wish MAC would completely phase out their original cremeblush and stock up with this formula in a bunch of different shades!

So Sweet, So Easy


So Sweet So Easy, Florida

I'm apparently a sephora VIB member, so I was sent a 10% coupon that I just HAD to take advantage of -- plus I wanted to pick up my birthday gift (which they ran out of). I wanted the Laura Geller Lip exfoliator that Wendy got, but they were sold out because Sephora is phasing out this brand (30% off everything), so they led me to [the above] product instead. For the same price, it is only half the size... which kind of sucks... I think I'm going to return it and just use my Volcanic Ash Exfoliator on my lips....

Sephora is also phasing out CARGO and everything was 50% off... there were a quite a few things I've always wanted to try from this Canadian brand, unfortunately they were pretty low in stock. So I settled for one of their Plant Love lipsticks for only $10!

There is a reason why these are on sale... if you look carefully at the bullet... it looks... old.. (whitish layer on it)... but it doesn't smell bad and the texture feels fine... so it'll do for now.

Swatch of Faith

Very pretty natural looking mauve-colour

Lipswatch of NARS Funnyface (flash)

Just for fun:
MAC Blissed Out as base colour with MAC Dim The Lights as design.
Design used with KONAD nail stamping system.
Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by myself.

Monday, January 11, 2010


My two bestfriends came over this past Saturday for a movie/girl's night. I made us dinner, we played video games, watched a movie and did our nails. When they were on their way out at 3am, I was trying to carry way too many things at once and tipped over my entire box of nail polishes -- I broke my MAC Love & Friendship polish =( I LOVE that colour.... now I have to wait til the next MAC sale and hope that they still carry it there... or wait for a repromote... boo...

That is all.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Lilyland and Sephora Haul

I know I said that Lilyland had nothing that interested me, but I really wanted to try the cremeblend blush because I read that it's lighter in texture and more pigmented than MAC's original cremeblush. They are sooooo smooth to work with! and BONUS! The MAC MA said that they are great for the lips too -- and they ARE!! They give a pretty lipstained look (I haven't tried with a thicker coat yet). I love the colours I picked up, and I might pick up the other two as well =P
I always wanted the vanilla pigment, and since MAC is phasing out the old jars, I thought I would try my luck with getting it (in the old jar)... no luck, so I settled for the new packaging -- it's super cute, but I feel a tad gyped. Yeah, it's true that I will still NEVER use up the jar, but boo...


Optimistic Orage

Joie-de-vivre and optimistic orange

Stopped by Sephora and picked up the LAST Funny Face lipstick from NARS that they had in stock. Wendy picked this up a couple of months ago -- I swear she is such an enabler even when she's not there! It's a gorgeous matte-finish "hot pink" colour. I put it in "quotes" because it's not BRIGHT hot pink... it's darker... closer to a berry shade. The picture does it no justice.

Natural lighting -- hard to capture the true colour.

swatch with flash -- you can tell that it has a strong blue base.
Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by myself.

Wishlist fulfilled!

My very sweet and thoughtful boyfriend fulfilled the majority of my Christmas wishlist this holiday which was all held in this beautiful hot pink Holt Renfrew giftbox. For those of you who are not familiar with Holt Renfrew, it is Canada's high-end department store, which I believe is equivalent to Neiman Marcus.

Find out what was in the box:

heeeeeeeeeeeeee =D

Lush gift card, Sephora gift Card, Chapters giftcard,
Lululemon Giftcard, Godiva chocolates, a book filled with true stories of experiences of teachers in their first years (I'm an aspiring teacher) and a 4gb micro SD card.

Tiffany & Co. Charm bracelet, YSL Rouge Volupte #9, MAC giftcard

And last but not least, Gucci Hobo!!!!!! I have always wanted this one, but it has apparently been discontinued (plus so many people have it), so he got me the newest one from the Spring 2010 collection. Isn't it beautiful?! I LOVE IT! <3
Disclaimer: All products mentioned were given to me as gifts.

Holiday Haul

Comfort MSF and By Candlelight MSF
2N Lipglass

Surprisingly I didn't do much hauling over the holidays -- SURPRISINGLY! But remember that Christmas wishlist I made? I got almost everything on it =D I'll be putting that in a separate post. I don't have everything pictured, since I wanted to keep my haul post beauty-related. I bought stuff from the Warm and Cozy collection, of course. I have to admit though that MAC's collections in the new year has not interested me, thus far (All Ages/Races/Sexes, Lilyland).

Dim The Lights and Blissed Out

Wendy went to Boston for a couple of days, so I got her to grab me a couple of things from Sephora there, since it's slightly cheaper than buying them in Canada -- I think I saved about $10. Oh how I've missed UDPP. Don't get me wrong, TFSI is great, but UDPP works so much better for me and although I vowed to never get it again until Urban Decay changed their packaging, I caved. Also got the full sized MUFE Sens'Eyes waterproof make-up remover -- it's a really great product!

A friend of mine got me this set for Christmas -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE pomegranate!! Whether it be pomegranate-scented products, or the actual fruit... yummy!

Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights: Dusk

I have been lemming this bronzer for months and months... but I couldn't justify the pricetag. To my surprise I found it in my mailbox on Christmas Eve! I had forgotten that I had mentioned it to s2pandapple aka Michelle about it when we first met and she had bought and sent it to me! What a sweetie for remembering!!! When I first saw it I thought, "WTF?? How did she know? What a lucky guess!" lol
Thank you so much Michelle! <3

Disclaimer: All MAC products mentioned were purchased by myself and the other items were given to me as gifts.