Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monthly Favourites: September

Spiced Chocolate Quad

Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 (NW25): This is a beautiful full-coverage concealer that is tricky to use -- it can look cakey due to its thickness so practice is needed for this particular product. Once you find a suitable technique, it can look flawless and really REALLY cover dark undereye circles well ^^.

Refined MSF:From the Sugarsweet Collection back in the Winter/Spring -- I've been using this over my blush to give it a subtle sheen and highlight. The peachy colour is great for the fall.

Smith's Lip Balm (Minted Rose): I've been using this vaseline-based balm all summer. It's a nice item to just throw in my purse when i'm on the go. It has a nice cool minty sensation and imparts the sheerest of tint/colour. The cute vintage-looking tin/packaging is a plus.

New Spirit Lipglass: From the Make-Up Art Cosmetics Collection, this is a very pretty neutral colour -- need I say more? lol

Photo Realism Quad: This quad is beautiful -- the greens and golds make it a wonderful quad to transition into the colours of fall. At first I wasn't too impressed with it at all -- I felt that the colour payoff was poor, albeit still a beautiful product. But after using different coloured bases, I definitely changed my mind. SO PRETTY!~

Spiced Chocolate Quad: I revisited this quad from last Fall's Cult of Cherry Collection. I really really really wish I had bought a back-up for this -- I didn't realize this was going to be the rare/most popular quad from the collection... I bought it because I'm a neutral girl and the colours were so rich and... chocolatey.. lol..
I've been using one or two colours from the quad throughout the year, but not the entire quad again until now -- this quad just SCREAMS fall...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Haul: DSquared

MAC's latest collaboration is with Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared -- fashion designers who have taken over the runway. They are identical twins and they are TORONTONIAN CANADIAN <3.
Their MAC collection launched today (Monday) to coincide with their Milan show.
The collection isn't huge and there are several repromotes as well as new (LE) releases. I only picked up two items from the collection: Feline Kohl Power pencil (because I missed it the first time) and the Tinted Lip Conditioner (just because) -- not pictured is the Accentuate/Sculpt Duo powder (which I had picked up from the recent MAC sale).

Fuschia Fix TLC w/flash

Fuschia Fix TLC natural light

Feline Kohl Power Pencil

Top left: Technakohl Liner in Graphblack
Top right: MUFE Aquaeyes Liner in 0L
Middle: Feline
Bottom: Feline lightly smudged with finger

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask

I just wanted to make a quick note about the new Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask from MAC:

For those of you who have never used thermal masks or thermal face washes before, Biore's skincare line has both a mask and cleanser option that also "heats up", albeit lacking the Volcanic Ash ingredient. I wanted to remind you that although the thermal or heating part of the products are 'neat', it does nothing for your skin and is a gimmick. The heating is a result of a chemical reaction of a mineral in the product that is activated by water and therefore is a superficial sensation that in reality does nothing for your skin.
Of course, I'm not bashing the product because I have been using it this whole week and I do enjoy it (full review to come)... but I just wanted to put it out there and remind you all that it's not the HEAT that is making your skin feeling smooth but that it is the other ingredients that provide the benefits of this mask.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Giveaway [closed]

I am giving away one (1) eyeshadow in the shade Sugarshot from the Sugarsweet Collection which was released earlier this year. Sugarshot is a lustre and makes a beautiful highlight or inner corner colour.

For your chance to win, make sure you're a follower of this blog and my YT channel and leave a comment under this post with your email telling me what your plans are for the fall season.

Contest closes Sunday, September 27th at 11:59pm EST and winner will be contacted by email.

Good Luck!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Style Black Haul

I was near the Pro Store today, so I stopped by to take a look at the new collections (Style Black and Dazzleglass Creme). The Pro Store is notorious for releasing collections earlier than other locations... and since there were some items I am anticipating to be sold out really fast, I wanted to give them a try before I buy back-ups when it officially launches.

*The swatches do not do the Dazzleglass Cremes justice -- they are BEAUTIFUL in real life and not as sheer... the flash washes it out.

Top: Amorous
Bottom: Creme Allure

Top: Creme Allure
Bottom: Love Alert Dazzleglass

Creme Allure, Amorous

Love Alert Dazzleglass, Creme Allure

Creme Allure


Black Knight Cremesheen l/s with flash

without flash



no flash

Greasepaint Stick

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Videos

Just filmed and edited a bunch of videos.. YAAAYYY!! Finally!!!!
Haul video in process of upload =)

Monday, September 14, 2009

MAC Warehouse Sale Haul

So here is my haul from the sale... I must say that this one was the most 'disappointing' compared to all the other sales I've been to. They had the face and body foundation there that was just "released" with the new HD collection. It was sold out in a snap and I didn't get a chance to pick one up.
However, even though it was 'disappointing', I am still and will forever be grateful that I am able to attend these sales.

#41, Blinking Cool!, #20 and #7

It always seems like there is so much more when all thrown and jumbled up in the plastic bag:

1st row: #182 Couture, Belightful Iridescent Powder, Brunette MSF, Splashproof Lash Mascara, Accentuate Sculpt, Rose is a Rose quad

2nd row: Miss Dynamite Dazzleglass, Looks Like Sin Cremesheenglass, Fun and Games bpb, x-rocks blush, Nuance mb, Merrily mb, Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation Beige 3(They gave me the wrong shade I asked for >_< !!)

3rd row: Tender Tryst See Thru Lip Colour, Totally It! lipglass, Silly Girl lipglass, Poetic License lipglass (LOVE), Elle lipglass (LOVE), Pink Grapefruit lipglass, Deep Blue Green pigment, Viz-a-Violet Pigment, Bronzescape Solar Bits, Foolish Me blush, Burnt Orange e/s

4th row: Clear gloss, Top: Glamour Check! e/s, Sugarshot e/s, Bottom: Knight e/s, 100 Strokes e/s, 1N lipstick, Ultra Elegant Slimshine, Think Tan slimshine, NW20 Studio Stick Concealer

Sunday, September 13, 2009

MAC Warehouse Sale Haul

Buzzfuzzbunny's (Wendy) haul from the latest MAC Warehouse Sale ^_^

1st row: DKNY Be Delicious pouch, Estee Lauder makeup bag, Prescriptives makeup bag

2nd row: Face and body foundation in C4, #20 lashes, #7 lashes, Blinking cool lashes, #41 lashes, travel size Pro makeup remover, Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler, Foolish me blush refill (LOVE!), Tender tryst see thru lipcolor, Gitane mini lipglass, Totally it mini lipglass, Poetic license mini lipglass, Cruise control mini lipglass, Merrily mineralize blush

3rd row: 225 brush, Warmed MSF, Redhead MSF, Belightful Iridescent powder, X-Rocks blush, Drizzlegold loose blush, Prep+Prime set powder, (Top: Sugarshot and 100 strokes eyeshadow), (Bottom: Femme-fi and Knight eyeshadow)

4th row: Sugar shock, Cellopink, Slicked pink, Saplicious, Goldensoft lipgelee, (Top: Time and space eyeshadow), (Bottom: Magnetic fields eyeshadow), Select cover up concealer in MW 30 and NW35, Studio moisture fix lotion, Cleanse-off oil, Studio stick concealer in NW20, Ultra elegant slimshine, Bubbles lipstick

Belightful Iridescent Powder, Lightscapade MSF, Vanilla pigment


Hope you guys enjoyed! Mine is coming up soon!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


The giveaway is now CLOSED. I just wanted to say that there was a "hidden" trick to this giveaway that I did intentionally. I asked that you EMAIL your answer to me, but I did not leave my email address in this post. That's because it can be found within this blog. All you had to do was look for it =)
also... I had some spammers... boo...


Monday, September 07, 2009

Make-Up Collection: Frangrances

Ok so this isn't part of my "make-up collection", but thought this would be easiest to post right now. School starts again tomorrow and I'm really really hoping that I can start regularly posting again as well as doing videos (I know I've been saying this a lot)...
Also, I apologize for the messiness/not taking a pic of the fragrance bottles individually -- I'm lazy =P

* Davidoff Cool Water (don't we all have at least one of this? -- I have 3!)
* Davidoff Echo
* Kenzo
* Hugo Boss Woman
* Juicy Couture
* Elizabeth Arden
* Ralph Lauren Romance (LOVE)
* DKNY Be Delicious (LOVE)
* SJP Lovely
* SJP Covet
* Burberry London (original)
* Burberry Brit
* Armani City Glam (LOVE)