Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

I just wanted to wish all of those who are celebrating the Lunar New Year -- well.. HAPPY NEW YEAR! =)
I'm once again swamped with school work - midterms/papers.. so I am unable to update here as well as create new videos... I have been asked to film an updated collection video as well as (i know this has been requested since the summer) my shoe collections video.. i'm just really putting that one off cuz i have so many that it will take me FOREVER to take a pic of each pair then editing it all together.. i'm dreading it =P

Anyway... keep checking back anyhow, because you never know when i'll be updating and what i'll be talking about =)

BTW: Who's excited about the new duo mineralized blushes??? I AM!!! I was never captivated by mineralized blushes by MAC -- i don't own any... so these will be my first! woop

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Make-Up Alley: Swapping

I am so super excited about this, I just HAD to share!!!
If you are a make-up junkie (and if you're on this blog then you most likely are), then you have heard of
This site is great because you get peer reviews of almost any product you can think of, as well as give reviews of your own. In addition to reviews, there is a swap section which is much like ebay, except rather than paying with money, you exchange (slightly) used make-up that you don't use anymore or didn't work for you, for something else that the other person isn't using anymore (also known as bartering).
So I'm not much of a swapper myself -- if you check my profile, you'll see I've only been awarded 4 tokens (like feedback with ebay), which is the number of times I've swapped (plus my swap list and wishlist are very limited). I rarely swap, because I tend to just give away make-up I don't really use anymore...
Anyway... so I decided to swap recently because I was on the hunt for So Ceylon and Petticoat MSFs... they aren't available at MAC locations anymore (nor on the website)... and I found this incredibly sweet swapper (who happened to live in the province -- they are usually from the States and unwilling to swap internationally). I swapped my ONE PlantLove palette with her TWO MSFs... and the fact that she even agreed to that was awesome...
here comes the other positives:
- It came the very next day after she shipped! (expresspost)
- Both MSFs were awesome and came as described (VERY lightly used)
- She included extras that were OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!
(2 NARS single eyeshadows and because NARS orgasm blush was on my wishlist, she included a HUGE palette that not only came with the blush.. but 4 other eyeshadows, an ADDITIONAL blush and lippies)

I was super excited because it was completely unexpected...
(I was home alone so I was totally screaming!)
again.. i swapped ONE palette.. for these AMAZING full-sized items... she is so awesome.
Her MUA is ambriel <-- pls go check her out and say hi... =]
OMG... enough rambling... here are the pics:

Mac changes its Canadian URL

This announcement is being sent to inform you about a change in the location or URL for the M·A·C Cosmetics Online website for our valued Canadian customers.
Beginning today, Canadian customers can shop online for their favourite M·A·C products and enjoy the M·A·C Cosmetics Online experience at Book mark it or save to your favourites and enjoy the shopping experience on!

Best regards,
M·A·C Cosmetics Online

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

de-bottling of UDPP

So we all have a love-hate relationship with UDPP... love the product... HATE the packaging.....
I finally received my empty lipgloss pens in the mail today (
... and with Enkoremakeup/Koren's method I got to it....
Just the top alone filled one pen....

I had trouble getting the product out from the very bottom...

THREE pens later... I STILL had more product left.... it wasn't enough for a 4th pen... so I used an empty, 5-gram sample jar... I actually thought about sucking it up and throwing it away... but I don't want to give Urban Decay the satisfaction lol so.. even if it dries up in a couple of days.. i want to at least get a couple of uses out of it (from the jar)...
Koren managed to fit everything into only 2 pens.. i don know how he did it O_O
Gosh... that was annoying... but glad i got all the product out... this will last me for a very very very very long time...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Collective Haul

Haul of (mostly MAC) make-up I've bought since before Christmas up until now:

Forgot to mention the Shu Uemura lash curler (from Sephora) in my Haul video
** Also forgot to include the Penultimate in picture**

BlondeBrunetteRedhead MSFs: (L) Redhead, (R) Blonde

Lip Conditioner, Smashbox Anti-Shine, Lustreglass: Love Nectar, Strobe Liquid

Studio Tech Foundation NC30 (look at all the shedding from my 109 stuck in there!)

187, 165, 109, 226, 217, 239


BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!!!! Silk Scarf from Tiffany & Co. and an Ipod Touch!!!!! AAHHH!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sanderlees in Action

Me touching up my model (my best friend) at her photoshoot =D

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Make up Kit

so i'm not hating.. but i'm just wondering what is the deal with the major gurus on YouTube all talking about MUA kits?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

(potentional) haul

... so my collective haul continues to grow as i continue to procrastinate with the video making and picture taking...

oh i hate school.....

Monday, January 05, 2009


I apologize once again for being MIA -- i am sooo bad with keeping organized and posting blogs/videos regularly!! That is why one of my resolutions for the new year is to get organized!

I just finished (sorta) cleaning my room -- it is a never ending task!

Also, school just started today (and i already have two assignments due next week!!! ARGH!)... my bday is also next week, so i've been scrambling trying to organize a small dinner with my friends this weekend (as they have to travel from out of town)... i was telling everyone how this bday has really just crept up on me. I used to be super excited about my bdays WELL BEFORE the holidays... and i would plan a big event. This year i completely forgot!!!! until a couple of days ago when my friends started asking me, "so... what's happening with your bday?" AAHHHHHHHHH!!!

Anyway... enough rambling... i have a collective haul (yet to be filmed)... BUT... since i bought everything over the *hectic* holidays, i don't even remember what they were >_< (or where they are, since i don't keep everything i first buy together -- i immediately put it in drawers etc).

rambling again...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!
Whether you went out to party it up to ring in the new year, or stayed home all cozy with your loved ones, I hope you had a great time! (Cuz i sure did!!)

I ended 2008 watching the Raptors/Nuggets game courtside with VIP lounge (even though we lost, it was such a sick game!!!!)
Then i went to Toronto City Hall (Nathan Philips Square) for the countdown.. it was FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEZING (-20C) but it was so much fun =)

Here's to a great 2009!