Monday, March 08, 2010

Project B2M

Ok, so after attending my last sale I have decided that I need to really cool it with the hauling and beauty purchases. The majority of my recent posts have really only been hauls and I would really like to write some reviews again -- but I can't review if I keep using new products and putting the "old" ones in the back burner.

So, in order for me to finally use and appreciate the products that I already have, I have decided to do a variation of Project 10-Pan -- but rather than waiting to use up ten products before my next purchase... I will use up 6 products, instead (equivalent to a B2m exchange) -- which is still a pretty difficult task.
*Project B2M was Wendy's idea since she says 10 is way impossible (for me at least) and that at least trying to use up 6 MAC products is an incentive for getting new products -- and for free!

Of course, this doesn't apply to what I feel are essentials such as moisturizer/toner etc...

In addition to trying to use the products I already have... I also need to do a little spring cleaning... that is... I have put a side a lot of products for giveaways and contests... as well... I will be holding another blog sale soon... I hope... there are so many things I can't seem to part with (haha)... but I am also not using them... so I either let those products sit in the drawer and collect dust... or hope that someone else will put it to good use... =(

Anyone else interested in such a 'project'?


Princesa Livia said...

I'd love to be with you on that project but its just so difficult for me to do that! I tried to do a similar one, to use up a few lipsticks things I could B2M, but then MAC comes out with another pretty thing I purchase and use instead! It takes a lot of discipline with those projects, and I wish you the best :) I'll try to convince myself to atleast attempt to do that project, even if its the second time! ;)

So Very Fabulous said...

I have to do something like this soon, I was also thinking about 6 so I can back to MAC something. 10 would take me forever, I don't even wear a full face of makeup everyday. All these limited edition collections keep tempting me though, I'm not sure how long I'd really last. Good luck with yours! :)

Clarissa said...

thats a great idea... and I can't wait for your blog sale! Good luck Sandy.

Babybubblz said...

good luck!

Rica said...

That's such a good idea... getting a free product from B2M. I got my first one this weekend btw... it feels nice to get free stuff

Nepenthe said...

I actually just decided to do one of these myself. Definitely know where you're coming from. :]

All the best!

PincStuff said...

yahh im serious, those rings were freakin HUGE!! ahhaa~

and great project idea! I was thinking about a variation from the 10 pan project too cause theres nooo way i could do it. For me, im thinking of doing a one for one, so if i finish one, i can buy one... but even thatsss a difficult task!!

hope ur doing well Sandy~!!! ^^