Friday, April 02, 2010

Blog Sale

I PROMISE I will have the blog sale up and running before the end of the month (hopefully mid-month)... I'm busy until the 12th and having to take pictures of every item and uploading etc is just a little tedious... I'm also still trying to sift through my collection and I'm finding it VERY hard to part with a lot of things... although I know I should... so thanks for bearing with me and being so patient!



Sue Lynn said...

Hi there,

May I know if you'll be shipping internationally?

I'm from Malaysia and I don't Twit (thus I miss out on a lotta blog sales :(). How will you be informing your readers/subs abt the sale?


Ashy said...

Soo excited for your sale!

PincStuff said...

hey Sandy! :) just stopping by~ you're tagged for i <3 ur blog! ^___^