Saturday, May 01, 2010


Hmm... guess who almost forgot (or did forget, rather) to do another monthly favourites post? I only remembered after I logged onto Youtube and saw all the videos for it.... sigh... I'm really really slacking.. I'm so sorry -- thank you to those who have stuck it out with me and have been so patient!~

I am FINALLY finished school (for now)... I actually finished on April 12th but have been busy getting ready for school (haha) in June. For those of you who have been following me since I first started blogging and video making... I'm sure you've noticed that I am always complaining about school and how it takes up a lot of my time which keeps me from blogging and making videos regularly. Well, I am officially done my undergrad and will be starting my training at Teacher's College in June in upstate New York! I'm super excited and have been really busy and swamped with getting my student visa/registration/paper work done in time -- everything is moving really fast!

I have actually not bought make-up in quite some time... partly because of my commitment to Project B2M... partly because I haven't been keeping up with the cosmetics world lately to update myself on what's new... and last...*shocker* I just haven't been really interested... (!!!) BUT be damn sure that I'll be one of the first to pick up Stereo Rose MSF (maybe even 2) as I have been waiting FOREVER for that to be repromoted and refuse to cough up $200 for one from ebay!

Since my interest is waning a little lately with make-up... I have hence not really been using my own collection.. or even paid much attention to it... sad I know... I'm also not a fan of using a lot of face make-up in sticky humid weather.... yuck...

I do have a feeling though that going to school in the States, so close to the outlets and major mall is going to be DANGEROUS!!!!!!!

So I actually don't have any favourites this month, unfortunately... as stated above, I haven't been using make-up often enough lately and when I do, it's the same things over and over again (ie. udpp/vanilla/satin taupe/hot planet blush etc) which I'm sure you're all sick of me talking about (over and over again)...

So I really do miss blogging... I find it "relaxing" and helps with my stress... but since this blog is devoted to my passion for all things make-up, I avoid talking about my school/life/stresses on here...
I'm not a multitasker... I prefer to do things one thing at a time... (which I suppose is why school took so long for me to complete)... If I'm busy with school ie. there is an assignment due soon.. I put all my focus on it (even if I procrastinate) and will not move on to another task (blogging) until I am done the first one... and since I haven't had time to play with my collection... I have less of a reason to post (and film videos)... because I can't do proper reviews etc.
And no purchases = no haul posts...
Once again... thanks for being so patient with me ^_^

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