Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sanderlees Update

Perhaps you ladies need to remind me via twitter to post and update my blog regularly. I forgot how therapeutic this was given the amount of chaos that has been surrounding me lately. Ok, maybe not that much chaos, since I DID have 3 weeks off of school... but I spent that time relaxing, catching up on sleep and just being lazy.
Second semester started this past week for me, and I am about to DIE from the overwhelming number assignments and work thrown at me -- a chunk of which is due this Monday! ugh! Luckily, I got a lot of it out of the way last night =)

So as some of you may know, I attended the most recent MAC Warehouse Sale with Susan and FionaMan and I did REALLY well! And by "well", I mean I didn't have to sell my car to pay off the damage -- in other words, I got VERY little. Not surprising, I suppose, since I have been to all the sales in the last 3 years, consecutively -- it gets a little boring with the same products over and over again. Not that I'm never grateful to go, because I am! It's just quite the trek for me and I wake up at 5am for them =S

I realized I have not done a "Monthly Favourites" post for several months now... mayhaps I will get one done for September? Here's hoping!

I actually got into twitter a bit more, so you will all probably find me there more so than here on this blog -- so follow me! (and remind me to post!)

I still have A LOT of giveaways to post... and I mean A LOT! Products have just been continuously cumulating... and they need homes!!! Remind me to get on that as well =)

Until next time...

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