Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toronto IMATS 2010 + Haul

IMATS 2009

IMATS 2010

Hello everyone! So I have a few posts lined up for the next few days -- usually when I post multiple times at once, it means I have something very important to do and hence I'm destressing or procrastinating by blogging =)

The second annual Toronto IMATS was held on the weekend of November 5 and 6 this year. I went on both days, but surprisingly enough didn't spend that much at all! I was in good company this year (not that I wasn't last year =P) and had a lot of fun with the girls, including Jennifer (jdomakeup), Fiona (Fionaman), Sheryl (Pincstuff) and Michelle (s2pandapple).

Above are photos of me at the 2009 IMATS and this year's -- I remember making a comment when I posted last year saying 'a picture never lies'... you can tell I was really self-conscious and hiding behind my IMATS bag... not this year! I am not at my goal yet, but I've been working on my self-image this past year... Michelle said she didn't even recognize me!

Anyhoo... I actually didn't go crazy and take a lot of pictures this year -- perhaps because it's my second time around and knew what to expect. I was more interested in the classes than I was in the shopping to be honest. I actually won more prizes than spend money! I was most excited to see KJ-Bennet and Taylor Chang-Babaian!! Pursebuzz and Enkoremakeup were both there too, but I had met them last year, so I wasn't *as* excited =P

It was also really nice to see the girls again, since I had flopped on our last two organized meet-ups... and Michelle!!! I hadn't seen her in ages... >_<

I'm sure you've all read and seen a lot of videos about this year's IMATS... so without boring you with more details... here are the pics:

I didn't take a pic with pursebuzz this year... although I should've, cuz I wasn't happy with last year's pic... lol.... but here's Sheryl aka Pincstuff!

Kandee Johnson!!

Jennifer (jdomakeup) and Michelle (s2pandapple)

Me and Michelle

Michelle, Jennifer and Me

Taylor Chang-Babaian and Me
I love her -- she is so real and really spoke her mind during her lecture... when I approached her she was all like "I love my asian ladies, especially when they have my asian book! It took me so long to write it!" Then she complimented me on my make-up and lashes..... then tried to sell me a pair.... lol

Her book

She has uber messy writing and I have no idea what it says:
___ 2 play! or ____ + play!
Much love always,


The only two products I got from the MUFE booth... which was a NIGHTMARE... I was one of the FIRST girls on the FIRST day to put in my order... for TWO lipsticks... and ended up waiting 45min... all the new customers were getting their purchases within MINUTES... and the reason??? because the new orders kept piling on top of the OLD orders (mine) so they could never get to it!!!! AARRRGGHHH for TWO FRIGGIN LIPSTICKSSS

#38 and #33


#33 on top
#38 on bottom
Stila Smudgepot (my first one)

Gray (grey =P)

I was SOOO not gonna get this... I wasn't even interested... Michelle and Jennifer picked it up first... we LEFT the building... then they decided that they wanted to see the contents and opened up their boxes... Jennifer's mirror was shattered... so we had to go back in to exchange for a new one... and I told her... if there is ONE more left for me (after her exchange) then I will get it....

It's a "make up player"... you can plug in your ipod/mp3 player/cell phone etc to play music while you get ready/put ur face one

For $50, not only did you get the "music player"/train case, but it also included batteries, a convertible colour in Camella , a shadow pan trio and its case, and a lipglaze in Grapefruit!

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Joan said...

This is kinda weird but... were you at Spring Rolls at the Atrium on Bay a few weeks ago? Sitting at a table near the entrance? I swore I recognised your face from the internet...