Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Haul: Magic, Mirth and Mischief!


Michelle (s2pandapple) invited me as her guest to go to the Magic, Mirth and Mischief! Holiday Collection launch party. You can check out the full collection at http://www.temptalia.com/ with photos and complete information on each product. Personally I was quite disappointed with it... the mineralized shadows were (surprisingly) the highlight of the collection (in my opinion)... the colours were beautiful and unique -- the only con is the random patch of unnecessary silver glitter.... i have yet to try it wet... maybe it'll work better that way O_O...
Anyway... I was a good girl and only walked away with 3 items (2 new and one back up: picture and swatch of boy bait cremesheen glass here) .

Blue Sorcery

Blue Sorcery

Jingle, Jangle Dazzleglass


I wished the photo captured the brilliance of this dazzleglass.. it's just so damn gorgeous... light pink with baby blue and pink sparkles.. almost like cotton candy...

Poor girl... she was sooooo bored.... lol


Babybubblz said...

Aw lucky! Yeah...the silver looks like a lot of glitter, but the baby blue is beautiful

~Lisa said...

That was so nice of Michelle! Who's that ginormous guy in the first picture??

And what a gorgeous dazzleglass! It's so pwetty!!

Sanderlees said...

Hey Lisa!

The guy is one of the models that was promoting the collection... he's not ginormous.. me and michelle are just super short.. lol
He was SOOOOOO HOT *drool*

sweetie1202 said...

ooo! dazzleglass! so it's launched at the pro store on queen already?

PincStuff said...

oowww how gorgeous is HEEE?? ;)
eheh, and phew! i should tell them its okay to handle Tofu then!! ^_____^ thanks hun~ xoxo

Anonymous said...

Heyyy wasn't this at Yorkdale? My boyfriend and I passed by this haha! Would have been interesting if I saw you two inside!