Monday, October 26, 2009

Monthly Favourites: October

Ah yes... another month and another set of favourites... I have decided that I will go on hiatus starting the month of November until early December... so this will be one of my last posts (I will post some halloween pics from school when those materialize)...

Prep and Prime Face Protect SPF 50: I bought this based on AMAZING reviews on Makeupalley, but I still wasn't convinced and kept this on my vanity without using it for a couple of months. The reason I wasn't convinced is because generally I hate SPF on my face -- it is ALWAYS sticky, no matter the product claim of "oil free" etc etc... The consitency is thick and creamy, further deterring me from wanting to try this product, especially during the summer (when I originally bought it). I've finally got around to using it and of course, I was wrong. The thick cream absorbs quickly and leaves a smooth and velvety canvas and actually keeps me relatively oil-free throughout the day. It performs superbly as a primer as it keeps my foundaton fresh all day and the bonus for me is definitely the high SPF count, since I know I don't use nearly enough SPF on my face as I should. This is a winner for me.

On a Mission blush: This blush came out with the Style Warriors collection -- turns out I really like a lot of what came out with that collection! It's a beautiful plummy colour that's great for the fall.

*Just a heads up -- every MAC store has a drawer that stores a lot of stuff from the past several collections, but no longer displayed. If you missed something from 2009, ask the MAs to let you take a peak in the drawer, or even just ASK if they have a certain product -- you just might be surprised.

MAC Greasepaint Stick: I am so glad that this is a permanent item. I typically don't use bases, even though I have a lot. I usually just use my primer (UDPP/TFSI) and layer my shadows on top. This product reminds me how important it is sometimes to use a great base. The name of the product turned me off but I was intrigued nonetheless and picked it up when it was first launched with Style Black. I'm soooo glad I did, because it's sold out everywhere now... who knows when they'll restock for the permanent collection, again. Once set, this thing doesn't budge or smudge -- an amazing formula that cannot be compared to the traditional shadesticks. The hidden sharpener at the bottom is nifty, too!

MUFE no.9 and no. 92: I absolutely love these two Make Up For Ever shadows... they are the softest, most pigmented/vibrant matte shadows EVER -- they are super easy to use and incredibly easy to blend... I've used them a lot this month ... and it helps that they're purple... i LOVVEEE purples =P

No Favourites this month =(


da goose said...

I'm receiving On a Mission blush from a swap soon and I'm so excited!!! I don't know why but I've been eying plummy blushes lately =D I hope it'll look nice under my Gentle mineralized blush!

Christy said...

Prep & Prime Face is soooo good! Especially in the summer time because of the high SPF. It's the best primer I've come across that doesn't start forming little balls when I put my foundation over it. =)

~Lisa said...

OOh! I want to try that primer now!! I love high SPF and from you, it sounds like the perfect primer!! ^.^

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lindah said...

aw, what happened to the UD primer?!

Sanderlees said...

Hey lindah!

I still LOVE the UD primer, but i don't use it very often/only when i go out at night (which is rare) because it's so expensive.. i try to use it as sparingly as possible =P