Sunday, December 05, 2010

Collective Haul + MAC Warehouse Sale (Pic Heavy)

So I have been accumulating some products over the past few months, but didn't want to post about it everytime I bought it, so I decided to wait and post a collective haul. The above eyeliner set was only $16USD at Sephora! What a steal... and a great stocking stuffer too!~ (btw... I bought a lot of the products from the States, because I go to school there)

Onyx, 14K, Orchid, Graphite

Graphite, 14K, Orchid, Onyx

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach

UDPP in a TUBE!!!!!!!!!!

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC30

Guerlain Meteorites in Tient Dore

Used 100 beauty insider points for this 4ml MUFE HD Blush (#6)

Used my 20% VIB discount on this set

Wanted this for sooooo long!! Also a 20% VIB purchase

Got it during the 50% off all mascara promotion from Rexall -- it sucks...

The next few items are a little bit jumbled and all over the place -- I clearly didn't organize it really well... but there will be explanations under each pic =)
Gilt By Association (Style Black) MES
This was from the mac warehouse sale in September, picked up for me by Susan... I could've gotten it myself, but I passed on it then regretted it...

White Gold Pigment from the unreleased Rodarte Collection
This was part of the $5 Charity package from the most recent MAC warehouse sale

Short-handled 188 (not SE), also part of the $5 charity package from the most recent MAC warehouse sale

Golden Crown eyeshadow from the recent Tartan Tale holiday collection.
This was ALSO part of the $5 charity package at the most recent MAC warehouse sale... that's right... 188 brush, a pigment from an unreleased collection, a shadow from the newest collection AND my FAVOURITE brow pencil (not pictured) Impeccable brow pencil in Taupe, all for only $5!!! Beyond a steal!!

I was very disappointed at the recent MAC warehouse sale.. I virtually bought nothing (compared to other times I have been)... the prices were all jacked up for the holidays, but will probably stay that way from now on as well... I bought NO make-up products at all, except for those in the charity packages... I only got a few skincare items (which were SURPRISINGLY much cheaper than other times... and I regret not getting more of)

Pictured above was only $10

Gift: Nocturnelle

Alas, this gem was not a part of the sale -- if it were I think everyone would've gone apeshit... this highly coveted Ripe Peach Blush Ombre being sold on EBay for ridiculous prices was picked up for me by Susan, when she stumbled across them at a CCO in the states... that's right... CCO... WTF!! so awesome!

Sorry that these swatches kind of suck...
farthest left pink: swirled from the blush ombre
middle pink: darkest part of blush
right pink: lightest part of blush
the silvery swatch is the White Gold Pigment
and the brown is Gilt By Associaton

Ok.. I just realized I lied... I did buy ONE make-up item, and it's this lip palette from last year's holiday collection... I think I got it for the sake of getting it... plus it was only $10... the colours are ok... nothing to rave about... but I guess it's nice to have in the purse


Yes the charity package that I got from the most recent sale is awesome... but it is by no means unique -- this is the type of charity bag that i remembered from 2 years ago... a full sized brush in every bag... and 3 or 4 different bags to choose from on the spot.... ALL with brushes in them... there was no such thing as a "crappy" charity bag... so the only reason it seems to be a big deal right now is because they haven't had a charity bag like this for two years now....

with that said... sorry I am not doing any swaps with the bags... it's the holiday season afterall, and the extras were bought as gifts -- thanks for understanding.


Anonymous said...

wow an eyeshadow from the Tartan collection? What day was this charity package on? I got the Nocturnelle as a free gift too. I heard later that day, they were giving a package of 2 sponges as a free gift, I wouldve been so peeved!

Audrey D. said...

OMG! The blush was found at CCO!?! AHH!! I must head to mine and hope and pray they have it there.

Pamela said...

I got the sponge and two sharpeners for my gift (Saturday). *tears*

Arezu said...

Damn, nice haul!

I'm jealous, lol.

hklover86 said...

great haul!

Kat So said...

You were lucky you received such great items in your charity bag :) I went on Friday and only got 3 brow pencils in blonde, dirty blonde, and taupe, and 30ml of Fix+. If you bought extra charity bags, I would love to swap if possible.

Karen said...

Would you like to swap charity bags?
I have
1. Mineralize all over lotion
2. Eyeshadow trio in In The Groove
3. Brow Pencil in Taupe
4. Slimshine Lipstick in Assertive

Send me an email at qi.karen.ip(at)

Business Promotional Products said...

I like the MAC Rodarte! :)