Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dame Edna

I feel i have been on a rollercoaster in terms of desire for the Dame Edna collection from MAC. I like it one day... love it the next.... then feel "meh" about it another day.... lol
The packaging is super cute, but i don't believe in purching products for their packaging -- you should actually like the product as well. I originally wanted to get one lipstick, one palette and one highlight powder. I'm not sure i want a palette anymore, as the colours really don't appeal to me. Neither do the lipsticks.... so i think i'll just pick up a highlight powder....

it's currently available online and will be available in stores on friday (Dec. 26) BOXING DAY!!!

1 comment:

Michelle Trinh said...

i know what you mean.
i think i get intrigued by mac for their packaging LOL
oh how tricky they are LOL