Saturday, December 13, 2008

MAC Haulage

Hey Everyone!!!

I have written 2 exams so far (both went extremely well!!!) and have one more left on monday! YAY!

So for those of you who aren't aware, there is an Estee Lauder/MAC warehouse sale that is going on this weekend (fri-sun), which is by invitation only. I was fortunate enough to have been invited to go -- and i did some damage. It wasn't as bad as last time, nor as bad as my friend whom I went with -- she did all her christmas shopping there!!
It was a GREAT sale -- I wouldnt say it was better than last time, but there were some surprises. For example, I was extremely surprised to have found the dazzlelash mascara there (which i had planned to pick up anyway) that was only launched a few weeks ago. I was also surprised to find the "shadowy lady" palette there (which was supposed to be sold out online from the Cult of Cherry collection) -- it was only $15 and yes... i picked one up =) The charged water was 2 for $12 (retails $23CAD each)... what else... there was the $3 bin... hmm.. oh brush sets for $20-$25... OOHHH and that big body brush that was limited edition over the summer.. looks like Urban Decay's buddha brush... damnit.. i forget what the number is... but yeah i remember it being $70 at the mac store... and here it was only $20... i was tempted but decided i don't need it for anything.... anyway... lets just post some pictures shall we?


itsCHARLENEANN said...

so i totally missed out on the mac sale again this time around =\ ONLY because im so on budget right now...but i love the haul =)

5hexciee said...

how did you hear about this?? i live in mississauga and im sooo mad i missed it =(

Anonymous said...

hi! when is the next mac sale?