Monday, February 02, 2009

Creme Team Swatches

So I went to the MacPro store today and to my surprise and delight, the Cremeteam and Well-Defined collections are already on display and being sold... I didn't pick up anything from the Well-Definied collection YET... but I will in the near future. I did, however, get to swatch and get a feel of the foundation and concealer and i'm SUPER excited about them. Especially the concealer because the consistency is very similar to Eve Pearl's Salmon concealer... and I love that I have a place to get a "dupe" of it instead of wait for the next make-up show or *eek* have to order online...
Anyway, I picked up 3 lippies: 2 lipsticks (one from the permanent collection and one from the cremeteam colection) and one cremesheen glass. I posted a pic of my natural lip for you guys to compare... I also posted a pic of the product, me wearing the lipcolour up-close -- and because it's hard to tell what it looks like overall with bloggers usually only posting a close-up... i posted one where you can see my face too so you can get an idea of what the colour will look like in general (I hope that makes sense)... i did this especially for Lavendar Whip, because upclose, it just doesn't look like a wearable colour at all. With flash, I looked quite scary... but without flash the colour looks quite wearable so i'm pleased. Also with Lavendar whip, you have to really apply several layers to get that lavendar colour. I also picked up "O" frost lippie from the permanent collection... a colour I've been meaning to get a for a while... and finally... "Boy Bait" is very similar to my biotherm milky gloss.. in colour and consistency... so i dont' know if i'll keep it.. but i like it...

No colour (lip conditioner so you don't see the flakes =P):

First i'll start of with "O" since it's not part of the Creme Team collection but I picked it up anyway:

Next we have a Chemesheen Glass in "Boy Bait":

And finally the much anticipated "Lavender Whip":

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Michelle Trinh said...

hey sandy thanks for the advice on the hello kitty thing =)

i think your tip was the only one that really made sense to me ^.^