Thursday, November 05, 2009

Halloween FOTD

Only one Halloween picture unfortunately... I have a lot of little kids from the school I work at, but for their privacy, I'm not going to post them...

As for Halloween night... I went out drinking and roaming the streets with my bf and his friends... it was a RANDOM night... my first time in the city during Halloween... fun nonetheless... so neat seeing a herd of people in wacky costumes... also the streets were LIVE til at least 5am... especially since it was daylight savings... it was "technically" 6am.... also something I've never experienced here in Toronto.. usually the streets are dead (even on a club night) by 3... 4am MAX...
My look wasn't anything fancy obviously... I was a "zombie doctor" and I wore that make-up and costume combo to the junior school I work at... I scared a lot of kids... I guess that's a good thing?? lol

I mixed black pigment with my MUFE foundation to get the greyish look.. and the contour is all done by black NYX eyeshadow.

The burn on the cheek is done with scar paste with blue and red eyeshadow and clear gloss to make it look puss-filled (it looked really cool)... and the thing under the eye is red eyeshadow from my 88-palette with clear gloss on top.

not very creative. I know.
Hope all of you had a fun and safe Halloween.
I am officially on hiatus until December...
keep leaving me comments and emails -- I still read them!




lindah said...

this looks great :D I was short on time so my halloween makeup sucked, but oh well! Looked good with the crappy lighting haha :) But too bad your neck is so lively otherwise you would look like you're about to attack ^_^

nee said...

holy crap that looks sickening! great job! LOL

Suebakk! said...

nice costume, i'm really liking the fake gashes and what not x)
and... your lenses are so nice! are they circle lenses? they are so blue and very pretty :)

~Lisa said...

Disgusting! LOL

And your contacts really pop here!

Follow me?

Toothfairy said...

damn... the cheek looks so real and scary!!!!