Saturday, November 21, 2009

Toronto IMATS (pic heavy)

So I've been trying to upload my haul video all night and I think I'm just going to scrap it all together, because it keeps saying that my video file isn't compatable with YT?? Did YT change anything on me in the past couple of weeks that I don't know about?

Anyway, I attended the first annual IMATS in Toronto today with Wendy and the FIRST EVER IN CANADA woooooooo -- we have been talking about and waiting all year for this event!!!!!!!!!

So the venue was supposed to open/start at 8:30am, but Wendy and I arrived around 7:45am and they let us in by 8am by which we bee-lined to the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) booth -- good move too since its line grew very quickly and soon became the longest line at the event which at first wrapped/snaked around a few booths then straightened out to block Temptu the majority of the day lol

So MUFE's booth had the majority of its collection there (sans lip products) and everything was 40% off!!! Although I do feel they were being a tad dishonest because the shadows they were selling were the refills ($13CAD) and NOT the packaged ones ($21) and they charged us $12 each for them -- NOT 40% off lol.. oh well... still a good deal in general and I spent the majority of my money there=P I regret not picking up the Flash Colour Palette though.. sigh.. that's okay.. I'm in no dire need of it anyway.... =(

We met Kevin-James Bennett! I was somewhat familiar with him before this event, but I can't say I am a hardcore fan (unlike Wendy) -- when she saw him I swear she almost collapsed! She wanted to take a pic with him but was too scared to approach him... lol We finally caught him alone and nowhere near a crowd so it was her chance to meet him and as he was walked by us I nudged her to make her move... but she stood there frozen!!! It was the funniest thing EVER!!!!! I couldn't help myself and bursted out laughing... like LOUDLY -- which caught his attention! So he approached us and we chatted VERY briefly and Wendy was TOTALLY star-struck (AAAAAAWWWWWW)... he's totally "fierce" and soooooooooo pretty/sexy/attractive lol..
We only attended one class/seminar and it was his (on how to apply makeup and make it last 18hours)-- VERY informative and entertaining =) I am definitely a fan now!

We also got to meet Pursebuzz and Koren! Wendy spotted them as they were arriving so we got to take pictures and briefly 'chat' before the crowd grew... she mentioned how it almost felt like we've known them personally for a long time and didn't feel like we were actually meeting them for the first time, at all! -- it was all very exciting!!

I'm sad I didn't take more pictures... of the crowds... of the booths... or even make small video clips... none of it crossed my mind while I was there because I was in HEAVEN and just was so focused on what was around me and forgot about my camera for most of the day.
I didn't take ANY pictures of the gothic themed student competition -- not going to lie.. it wasn't very impressive.. especially compared to the pictures I've seen from the Pasadena event!
I met some of my subscribers, followers and familiar faces (Kristine ^_^) so thanks everyone for saying hi! Sorry if I was a little awkward -- I was very overwhelmed lol

The show ended at 5:30 but we left by 3:30 -- nearly 8hours there -- we couldn't do it anymore.. we were sooooooooooo tired and soooooooooooo hungry... (plus neither of us got much sleep last night hehe)...
picture time!

MUFE Model -- poor girl was shivering the whole time
(The MUFE booth was right by the main entrance)

Air Brushing
I look so awkward lol
(front entrance)

Cool and realistic looking busts

This baby was so creepy!!! This pic doesn't show how big it is, but it was the size of like.. a 42inch TV (the old school boxy kind!)


the pictures turn out different than what it looks like in real life for some reason

SOOOOO scary looking but soo cool

Special effects make-up


so real looking..

burn victim

Wendy and Koren

Wendy and Elessa/pursebuzz

Emmy Award winner Kevin-James Bennett

Me and Koren

Me and Pursebuzz!
UGH.. so unflattering ... but I'll post anyway... lol
A picture never lies... time for Sanderlees to hit the gym =(


r.domingo said...

Hey it was so cool to meet you today. Your photos do not do justice to your lipstick, so gorgeous in person! Is it Mac's Show Orchid? I got to meet Pursebuzz and Koren as well, they are both so nice. Enjoy your haul! =)

Shar said...

Looks like you had a blast! I hope i can go to IMATS one of these days =)

bunee said...

im so sad i missed it this year :( im so jealous that you got to meet pursebuzz & koren !!!!!!!

M. Wendy said...

Bahaha you told them my starstruck moment =P

Christy said...

Looks like you had lots of fun =)

afra henna said...

hey your haul i wish i could go to imats.....i was wondering if u have got mac warehouse tickets...i really need to go coz i am almost 6 months pregnant and by the time the next one is happeining i will b almost delivering the baby...Do reply

Kate Gene said...

What an amazing experience! Those heads looked a little too life-like. They scared me! LOL!

Great post!


P. S. Your make-up looks great, by the way!

Kate Gene said...

May I ask what lipstick you were wearing? I'm on the hunt for the perfect red lippie! :)