Thursday, November 26, 2009

Monthly Favourites: November

I am still on hiatus -- I am currently in the middle of Teacher's College Applications (deadline is approaching FAST) plus 2 weeks worth of exams... my last day is Dec 17 -- but I should be able to blog regularly again after next week... I just realized that I really enjoy blogging. Despite this only being a beauty blog and that there isn't much substance to it in terms of my personal life... I just enjoy sharing my thoughts, even if it's about cosmetics (nothing wrong with that!). Plus, I'm sure that if you're here, you aren't interested in knowing about my boring life (it really is boring)...

This month has gone by slowly (unlike the past several months) and I can't wait for it to be OVVEERRRRRR...

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator: I don't use exfoliants as much as I should -- I simply just don't remember. Don't even get me started with masques. As much as I would LIKE to use these extra products on top of my regular/daily skin care regime, I simply don't have the time. With that said, when I DO remember to use an exfoliator, I reach for either the MAC Microfine Refinisher or the Volcanic Ash one. I think I'm going through this faster than I should though... lol.. I'm already half done and it's a LE item =S I really like the sugar granules and the way it dissolves as I work it in, although I do feel it dissolves a little TOO quickly. Leaves my skin super duper smooth afterwards (definitely a noticeable difference from the microfine refinisher).

NARS Mekong eyeshadow: I've been wanting this for a while, but could never justify buying it because of its pricetag. I picked this up with Sephora's VIB 20% discount a few weeks ago. It's a beautiful shimmery DARK chocolate brown. Some have described it as a black with gold glitter -- it is definitely not. I love this on my crease/outer V... it is soooooo pigmented and sooo easy to work with/blend. I've used this every single time I've put make-up on my face this month.

Show Orchid Lipstick: WOW. That is all I can say about this lipstick. I've wanted it since it came out with the Colour Ready Collection in April, but never picked it up and really regretted it when it was taken off the shelves and (I thought) sold out everywhere. Wendy found out that they still carried it at my closest mall, but I kept forgetting to pick it up whenever I was there. When I finally DID remember, they only had THREE left. Phew. I had never officially worn it out, but I admired it a lot. It's a hot hot in your face fuschia pink (I'm a nude lip girl). I finally wore it to the IMATS and OMG I have never received so many compliments for what I wear on my lips lol (I topped it with flashmode lustreglass) -- I even got a compliment from pursebuzz!! Like one commenter (who saw me) said... the pictures really do no justice to what it actually looked like in person. GORGEOUS~


ja1mee said...

If you run out of the MAC volcanic ash, try the LUSH Dark Angels facial cleanser

cuddles said...

Hey dear! I love the VAE too, but I think I like the Thermal Mask more. Do you use it together or separately? :)