Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pot Pourri

When you stop blogging for a while... you kind of lose momentum and lose your motivation to pick it up again... I'm really trying not to do that... so here I am... but I don't have much to write about at this moment!~

I've been so extremely busy just relaxing and catching up with my friends since my exams ended, because I've been in hermit mode for SO LONG.

I got to hold one of the olympic torches that was part of the relay as it passed through Toronto!! That was really cool!! The gentlemen who brought it in is the grandfather of one of the students at the school I work at. After the assembly/presentation, the kids all whined how "boring" it was to me... it was so funny. Once lunch started and he was packing away the torch in the office, ALL the teachers ran to the office to get a glimpse of it... then someone asked if they could take a picture holding it... which led to EVERYONE requesting the same thing! The adults and teachers were definitely more excited about it than the kids were =P

As for make-up related news.... I filmed a BUNCH of videos including tag videos and haul videos... but I deleted them all by accident >_< and now I'm too lazy to re-film...

I hauled a lot since my last post... both MAC and Sephora... so much that it's too much to post in pictures and to make a new video about.... so... I'm just gonna scrap it o_o sorry ladies...

I DOOOOOO have a contest coming up!!! both on YT and on my blog.... I have made partner with YT for a while now.... but I don't have a banner yet... and I don't know how to make one lol... so the contest will be revolved around that... and I've accumulated lots of prizes for it. As for the blog, I am thinking of a new layout... again... I am illiterate when it comes to anything like that... (which is why I've stuck to the standard blogspot template)...

Thats it for now... I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday!



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Toothfairy said...

I totally get what you mean for being uninspired, so I'm always trying to keep posting, even though I have nothing to post about! If I stop, I might not continue blogging at all! and it's so much fun!