Friday, February 19, 2010

February Haul pt. 2

I love how they got the artists' signature on the boxes on this year's Viva Glam promotion. They also named the shades after the artists versus previous years where the shades were identified with Roman Numerals.

I wanted this for the sake of the hype... and because I love Lady Gaga... unfortunately, this shade doesn't really work on me... maybe I'll try different things with it and try to make it work... I want to try the Cyndi Lauper one as well...

True Babe Lipglass
From the Riveting Colletion -- this is the lipgloss version of Show Orchid which I LOVE LOVE LOVE

No Flash of True Babe

Viva Glam Gaga with flash

Viva Glam Gaga

True Babe

Show Orchid

This brush is freakin' awesome -- this is what the 187 should've been! I was never a fan of using my 187 for foundation application because I felt that it was too flimsy... I have always used the 109 for liquid application and reserved the stippling brushes for powder application (setting/blush/bronzer). But this new LE brush (promoted with the new mineralized foundation collection) is dense and soft. It is the duo fibre version of the 109! My only gripe is that the brush head is a tad small -- perhaps after using it a bit, the hairs will "splay" out a bit, make the brush had a little wider.

130 Short Duo Fibre Brush

Show Orchid compared with True Babe lipglass

Show Orchid w/True Babe on top


Babybubblz said...

i love how true babe looks on you! i still have yet to try the 109. i have a LE of the 187 and it works for me. but def curious about the 109 all the time

eternalmi said...

yea lady gaga doesnt seem that wearable =(

charlene-ann said...

ohhh lala! love the lippies =)

So Very Fabulous said...

I just got the Gaga lipstick as well, but haven't tried it on yet, I'm not sure if it'll be wearable on me either, but I'm sure paired with a gloss or sheered out it'll be nice if anything.

I'm wanting to get the 130 and True Babe as well. I still haven't checked out the Riveting collection! Maybe this weekend :)

Zerin said...

Hey Nice Haul! I bought the true babe lipgloss too last night but forgot to check out the 130 it looks good. You should definitely use a neutral/dirty pink lipliner along with the gaga lipstick to make it more wearable.

Arezu said...

Niceeee haul! I saw True Babe instore but skipped it, but it looks like the perfect soft hot pink - if that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Wow true babe looks SO good on you.. so does Gaga.

Sandy, I was just wondering are you going to the MAC warehouse sale this coming march?

Nepenthe said...

I was sad when I realized Viva Glam Gaga was too light for me. Playing around with liners might make it work, but after seeing them in person I much prefer Cyndi.

I can't wait to try that new brush. :]