Thursday, February 25, 2010

Answering Questions

So some of you ask me questions in the comments section of the blog and I know it seems like I'm just ignoring them, but I'm really just figuring out the best way to answer the questions without replying in the comments section. I don't want to post there, because for myself personally, once I've made a comment on a blog I don't really look back at the comments page.
So I figure I'll just create a separate post just to answer and comment back... and I think I will do this every so often =)

1. The drawer I use to hold my collection is from Office Depot and even though I commented that they don't exist in the GTA anymore, I may be wrong since Lisa commented that there is a location near her. I thought they were all closed because I had 3 locations in my area, but they all closed their doors at around the same time.

2. Yeayeahyea:
I have the MUFE concealer in both #6 and #8 -- I originally bought #6 for myself and reserved #8 for my kit... but realized that #6 was way too light for me -- even my undereyes... and #8 was surprisingly a nice match =)
- oh and I will try to do a more detailed review of the F&B foundations between MAC and MUFE as soon as I can (I've barely used either foundation during the winter months)

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Michelle Trinh said...

I love the full cover concealer but I hate how the coloring is so limited. I'm in between 8 and 10. 8 was too light and 10 is a wee bit too dark and is way too warm. sigh now i have to spend more money on another one LOL thank god I love that stuff