Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Make-Up Alley: Swapping

I am so super excited about this, I just HAD to share!!!
If you are a make-up junkie (and if you're on this blog then you most likely are), then you have heard of
This site is great because you get peer reviews of almost any product you can think of, as well as give reviews of your own. In addition to reviews, there is a swap section which is much like ebay, except rather than paying with money, you exchange (slightly) used make-up that you don't use anymore or didn't work for you, for something else that the other person isn't using anymore (also known as bartering).
So I'm not much of a swapper myself -- if you check my profile, you'll see I've only been awarded 4 tokens (like feedback with ebay), which is the number of times I've swapped (plus my swap list and wishlist are very limited). I rarely swap, because I tend to just give away make-up I don't really use anymore...
Anyway... so I decided to swap recently because I was on the hunt for So Ceylon and Petticoat MSFs... they aren't available at MAC locations anymore (nor on the website)... and I found this incredibly sweet swapper (who happened to live in the province -- they are usually from the States and unwilling to swap internationally). I swapped my ONE PlantLove palette with her TWO MSFs... and the fact that she even agreed to that was awesome...
here comes the other positives:
- It came the very next day after she shipped! (expresspost)
- Both MSFs were awesome and came as described (VERY lightly used)
- She included extras that were OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!
(2 NARS single eyeshadows and because NARS orgasm blush was on my wishlist, she included a HUGE palette that not only came with the blush.. but 4 other eyeshadows, an ADDITIONAL blush and lippies)

I was super excited because it was completely unexpected...
(I was home alone so I was totally screaming!)
again.. i swapped ONE palette.. for these AMAZING full-sized items... she is so awesome.
Her MUA is ambriel <-- pls go check her out and say hi... =]
OMG... enough rambling... here are the pics:


Shari said...

Glad you're happy with everything! Seems strange to see photos of my stuff! LOL

cherzmaster said...

I've been swapping since Dec :) However, I agree MUA is very helpful with reviews and such.

I'm glad you had an awesome experience.