Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monthly Favourites: September

Spiced Chocolate Quad

Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 (NW25): This is a beautiful full-coverage concealer that is tricky to use -- it can look cakey due to its thickness so practice is needed for this particular product. Once you find a suitable technique, it can look flawless and really REALLY cover dark undereye circles well ^^.

Refined MSF:From the Sugarsweet Collection back in the Winter/Spring -- I've been using this over my blush to give it a subtle sheen and highlight. The peachy colour is great for the fall.

Smith's Lip Balm (Minted Rose): I've been using this vaseline-based balm all summer. It's a nice item to just throw in my purse when i'm on the go. It has a nice cool minty sensation and imparts the sheerest of tint/colour. The cute vintage-looking tin/packaging is a plus.

New Spirit Lipglass: From the Make-Up Art Cosmetics Collection, this is a very pretty neutral colour -- need I say more? lol

Photo Realism Quad: This quad is beautiful -- the greens and golds make it a wonderful quad to transition into the colours of fall. At first I wasn't too impressed with it at all -- I felt that the colour payoff was poor, albeit still a beautiful product. But after using different coloured bases, I definitely changed my mind. SO PRETTY!~

Spiced Chocolate Quad: I revisited this quad from last Fall's Cult of Cherry Collection. I really really really wish I had bought a back-up for this -- I didn't realize this was going to be the rare/most popular quad from the collection... I bought it because I'm a neutral girl and the colours were so rich and... chocolatey.. lol..
I've been using one or two colours from the quad throughout the year, but not the entire quad again until now -- this quad just SCREAMS fall...


jooLee said...

i looove spiced chocolate quad too!!

mademoiselle april said...

i didnt get a chance to buy the spiced chocolate quad. i wish i did! *sigh

PincStuff said...

ohhh I sure theyre right about the weatherrr!! but 'supposed' doesnt say much... hope youre doing well hun and stay warm!! xx