Sunday, September 13, 2009

MAC Warehouse Sale Haul

Buzzfuzzbunny's (Wendy) haul from the latest MAC Warehouse Sale ^_^

1st row: DKNY Be Delicious pouch, Estee Lauder makeup bag, Prescriptives makeup bag

2nd row: Face and body foundation in C4, #20 lashes, #7 lashes, Blinking cool lashes, #41 lashes, travel size Pro makeup remover, Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler, Foolish me blush refill (LOVE!), Tender tryst see thru lipcolor, Gitane mini lipglass, Totally it mini lipglass, Poetic license mini lipglass, Cruise control mini lipglass, Merrily mineralize blush

3rd row: 225 brush, Warmed MSF, Redhead MSF, Belightful Iridescent powder, X-Rocks blush, Drizzlegold loose blush, Prep+Prime set powder, (Top: Sugarshot and 100 strokes eyeshadow), (Bottom: Femme-fi and Knight eyeshadow)

4th row: Sugar shock, Cellopink, Slicked pink, Saplicious, Goldensoft lipgelee, (Top: Time and space eyeshadow), (Bottom: Magnetic fields eyeshadow), Select cover up concealer in MW 30 and NW35, Studio moisture fix lotion, Cleanse-off oil, Studio stick concealer in NW20, Ultra elegant slimshine, Bubbles lipstick

Belightful Iridescent Powder, Lightscapade MSF, Vanilla pigment


Hope you guys enjoyed! Mine is coming up soon!


Guilty Pleasure said...

How do you know where and when these MAC Warehouse sales are? And another great haul. hehe.

charlene-ann said...

aahhh! i love mac warehouse sales...but im always to late to grab tickets when the sale time you go & if you by chance are selling tickets, let me know girl hehe...BTW love the haul & cant wait to see yours :)

JacquelineNicole said...

I wish I lived near the warehouse sales. My boyfriend just lost a mac 1.6 box to the sales (the store that was holding it for him sent it back with out telling him)

stellarvixen said...

good buy! shopping best do it at warehouse~~
everything looks so divine..yumyum

jooLee said...

wow! redhead msf, pro pan blush, and mini makeup remover?! too bad they were all sold out when i went..and you were right they didn't have much this time

Marie. said...

Great haul! How do you find out if they're having a sale?