Monday, September 21, 2009

Style Black Haul

I was near the Pro Store today, so I stopped by to take a look at the new collections (Style Black and Dazzleglass Creme). The Pro Store is notorious for releasing collections earlier than other locations... and since there were some items I am anticipating to be sold out really fast, I wanted to give them a try before I buy back-ups when it officially launches.

*The swatches do not do the Dazzleglass Cremes justice -- they are BEAUTIFUL in real life and not as sheer... the flash washes it out.

Top: Amorous
Bottom: Creme Allure

Top: Creme Allure
Bottom: Love Alert Dazzleglass

Creme Allure, Amorous

Love Alert Dazzleglass, Creme Allure

Creme Allure


Black Knight Cremesheen l/s with flash

without flash



no flash

Greasepaint Stick


hklover86 said...

the creme allure is really beautiful!!!

da goose said...

at first i wasn't even gonna swatch big bow because it's sooo bright! But I did anyways since it's HK and it's actually really pretty =D I'm glad it's a glaze though or else it's just too bright for me to wear ^_^

mademoiselle april said...
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mademoiselle april said...

wow there's a black lipstick?
i really like the creme allure =)

charlene-ann said...

ohhhh i like! & that black l/s is just wow! im diggin it :)

diana said...

I cant wait for the volcanic ash exfoliater! i missed out last time so hopefully i'll grab some this time around :)

xSplendidStar said...

Woo great haul! First black lipstick I ever seen :D x

Tracy said...

Thats a daring lipstick! Please show us your FOTD with that lipstick!

MakeupByDonnaMarie said...
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sweetie1202 said...

creme allure looks so nice on you! on me, it looked soooooo over the top... so i picked up "do it up" instead!