Monday, September 07, 2009

Make-Up Collection: Frangrances

Ok so this isn't part of my "make-up collection", but thought this would be easiest to post right now. School starts again tomorrow and I'm really really hoping that I can start regularly posting again as well as doing videos (I know I've been saying this a lot)...
Also, I apologize for the messiness/not taking a pic of the fragrance bottles individually -- I'm lazy =P

* Davidoff Cool Water (don't we all have at least one of this? -- I have 3!)
* Davidoff Echo
* Kenzo
* Hugo Boss Woman
* Juicy Couture
* Elizabeth Arden
* Ralph Lauren Romance (LOVE)
* DKNY Be Delicious (LOVE)
* SJP Lovely
* SJP Covet
* Burberry London (original)
* Burberry Brit
* Armani City Glam (LOVE)

1 comment:

Goldenwolf said...

Ahhh you have so many perfumes!! I have a very few since I love just one mainly so I don't bother with others!