Monday, August 17, 2009

Back-Up Tag

Tagged by fellow beauty blogger and YouTuber xinarox , I thought this would be fun to do since I'm typically not a believer of back-up products... but then I realized... I have quite a bit! =P

Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder: I purchased this at the warehouse sale a month before it was released in stores. I had purchased two because it was CHEAP... but I realized how much I liked the product and kept the extra one =)

Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone: I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff... It makes my pores look virtually invisible and creates a fabulous canvas for foundation application. It was available at the warehouse sale and I had picked up 4 additional tubes (I think I have a total of 5). The tube is so small and it's limited edition, so I have to use it very sparingly =(

Petticoat MSF: I received one in a swap from MUA and when I saw it available at the warehouse, I snagged another one. Each one is so unique and Petticoat is a cult favourite, so even though I know I will probably never finish my first one, I wanted to keep an extra one handy.

Lollipop Loving Lipstick (Glaze): My HG. I bought 2 backups from the stores. They had it available at the warehouse sale in the Heatherette packing but I didn't get it because a) I wasn't a huge fan at the time and b) I read that the formulation for Heatherette is different.

Lavendar Whip Lipstick (Cremesheen): So unique and so pretty. Limited edition item and god knows WHEN MAC will repromote it -- it was a no brainer =P

Brave New Bronze Lipstick (Satin): LOVE this colour so much. Perfect everday nude colour that isn't dramatic. Why are all of MAC's best colours limited edition???

Sweet Sienna Pigment: I would NEVER EVER finish a jar of pigment, but Sweet Sienna is SO gorgeous and so rare/hard to find that I HAD to pick up an extra jar from the warehouse sale JUST IN CASE.

* There are two slimshines and a shadestick pictured but I didn't buy them for "back-up" purposes... they were just part of the charity packages I got from the warehouse sale and they just happen to be extras. I'm saving those for giveaways/contests =)

** I realized my entire list consists of LE products. Which if you think about it makes sense. If a product is part of the permanent line, there is really no need to buy multiple back-ups since you can always pick them up at the store anytime =)

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may said...

where where you able to order a petite coat msf?! I want one. :(