Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick Review: Make-Up Art Cosmetics

What I hate about MAC collections is that it's incredibly damaging to my wallet lol. I am typically either VERY excited for a collection and go all out, or I'm lukewarm and just pick up an item or two and call it a day. Then there are those collections that you don't expect to like, or the influence of reviews are so overwhelming that you start to think "maybe the collection has potential afterall". MAC's latest collection: Make-up Art Cosmetics (MAC -- get it?) was slated to be a HUGE one, but I honestly wasn't too impressed with it at first. I had originally only picked up one quad and one single shadow. Then I read over some reviews and saw some swatches and I wanted more! lol
One of the items from the collection I've been debating over is Push the Edge pigment, but at first glance, it seems to look exactly like Grape Pigment (which I have). Buzzfuzzbunny got Push the Edge and posted her swatches on Specktra - they do look EXACTLY the same to me... BUT... for some reason I still WANT it... >_<.. we'll see... =P.

Photo Realism quad: Since the Colour Craft Collection didn't release a green MES 'quad', I knew that this was the quad I was going to get from the latest collection. I love greens and purples and I found this quad the most unique of the three that are available. I also love that this quad offers formulas (Frost and Veluxe Pearl) that are easy to work with. This is definitely the star of the collection and I advise you all to snatch one before it's all gone!

Violet Trance e/s: VT has a matte formula and although the colour is gorgeous, I found that it is quite chalky (when trying to pick up the colour with your fingers). Because of the formula, I was supremely disappointed. But then I did some swatches with a brush and it's not so bad afterall. This is a re-release from a past collection, which was part of a quad (Balloonacy?). Of all the single shadows released with this collection, this is the one to get.

Heritage Rouge pigment: I went back for this because I couldn't stop thinking about it. I think this is the first pigment I've actually bought from the store (all my pigments are from the warehouse sales). It's a re-release and omg it's SO gorgeous -- beautiful crease colour!

New Spirit l/g: Initially, I think of all the lipglosses, this was the only one that caught my eye and therefore the only one that I had swatched when I was with buzzfuzzbunny. My immediate reaction was "ugh... I have something similar to this already" then put it back, to which buzzfuzzbunny said, "I'm so proud of you!" lol. Then I got home and read Temptalia's review and thought "damnit... I should've gotten it". What I THOUGHT I had similar was Style Warrior's Gold Rebel l/g. Gold Rebel is much more bronzey whereas New Spirit is a peachy-pink colour that is (also) great for an every look. I heart my neutrals.

On Display l/g: This was a HUGE surprise, since I didn't even think about or consider this product AT ALL before reading Temptalia's review and seeing her swatches. It is SO pretty! This is a very wearable berry coloured gloss with a tinge of blue. The pictures/swatches does this shade no justice. It is not so dark that it should only be limited to night wear but packs just enough pigment to give you an edgy look during the day.

Overall: Personally, I think this collection was a hit or miss. There are some promising products within the line, but there are some I felt could be skipped. All the technakhol liners were a disappointment. They don't show up as pigmented as I expected (although I don't like the formula of tecknakhols in general anyway). None of the lipsticks interested me and I felt I could pick up the glitters whenever I wanted, since they are part of the permanent Pro line. Violet Trance is a MUST HAVE, whereas I found Crest The Wave and Off The Page are too similar to Going Bananas and Fab and Fabulous, both of which I already own. The lipglosses were a surprise purchase of course and it seems that the Photo Realism quad is the hit of the collection. Because this collection is so huge, there is definitely something for everyone.

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