Saturday, August 29, 2009

Monthly Favourites: August

Why is time flying by so fast?? Another monthy favourites entry already??? Reviewing back on my posts I have posted less than 10 entries over the past month -- I am soooo sorry =( Once I got lazy, it seems so hard to get back to blogging -- I still haven't made a new video yet for YT!! You guys need to nag me about these things! hehe

So here are my favourite items for the month of August:

Studio Fix Fluid (NW25):
I was never interested in purchasing this foundation since I've read less than favourable reviews that include major break-outs for many users. I was intriqued nonetheless (I have been testing out a lot of foundations this summer for some reason). I picked up a sample of this and to my surprise I was not matched to NC30 (what I'm typically matched to), but to an NW shade -- something I've never been -- and lo and behold it was a PERFECT match. I went back a couple of weeks later though to get matched again by a different MA (I do this often) and was matched to NC30 lol I told her that I had been matched earlier to NW25 and she said "that's ridiculous" -- I got the sample of NC30 as well and compared for myself when I got home -- NW25 was definitely my shade.
Anyway, I apply this foundation with a kabuki and the finish is so flawless -- what I wanted MUFE HD to be (but to be fair, I was not matched perfectly to MUFE HD, so it looked gross on me). It was long-wearing with my Urban Decay Complexion Primer and I really appreciated the medium to full buildable coverage it provided. I am not done the sample that I got, but will consider purchasing the full bottle for the fall/winter months.

Peaches blush: I'm only recently discovering that orangey-peachy colours are quite flattering for my skin-tone. This is a true peach shade and I gives the "just got out of the sun" flush, which I assure you is very different from the "just got out of the cold" flush. I've used this on and off over the summer but have really put it to good use this month.

Sunny By Nature MSF: I absolutely love this MSF. This is my favourite of all the MSFs from the Colour Craft collection. It's not shiny/glittery and is just the PERFECT bronzing shade for me.

Gold Rebel l/g: This was part of my June's favourite entry. I'm not a huge lipgloss user, but I've found time and time again that I keep returning to this gloss. I wish I got a back-up =P

Sunny By Nature MSF:
Not only is this a great bronzer/cheek colour, but it makes a fabulous all over lid colour -- a great transitional colour from summer to fall!

Liquidlast Liner in Point Black: OMG I can't believe I've neglected this for so long. I was always so wary of using it because it is SO difficult to wash off. Once this liner is on, it DOES NOT EVER EVER BUDGE. I have super oily eyelids and even the best of the fluidlines smudge on me after awhile. This liner does not budge EVER even when my lids are shiny with oil (not a pretty image), the liner remains crisp with no flaking etc. I hate the brush it comes with, so I apply it with an angle liner brush instead. Yes it is difficult to clean off, and requires an oil-based remover, but I believe it's worth the extra effort for clean-up so long as it doesn't make me look like a hot mess while on my lids =P


Purele said...

I really want to try that foundation as well! such a foundation junkie heeh :)

5TYLISTA said...

which MAC locations do you get your foundation samples from? i've asked for samples from a couple of stores, and all said that they couldn't give me any... :S