Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OCC Pigmets and Glitters

So Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) has been becoming more and more popular within the beauty community thanks to the YT gurus (ie. QueenOfBlendingMUA). I've had the opportunity to pick up a few of their glitters and a pigment from last year November's Make-Up Show (now IMATS)... they were only $5CAD each!! When I bought these I had never heard of the brand and only got them because of the range of VIBRANT colours and it was a great price (I believe they sell it on their site for $13USD + shipping). I really hope that the prices remain the same come this year's IMATS because I am dying to try their lip tars, but I can't justify the price + shipping.... I picked up 1 pigment and 3 glitters. The glitter swatches do not do them justice since the photos don't pick up the glittery/sparkly effect of them. They are not as finely milled as MAC's reflects glitters, but are definitely smaller than their crystallized glitters.
Pure Pigment: Blue #1

Glitter: Blue

Swatch of "Blue"

Glitter: Navy

Swatch of Navy

Glitter: Magenta

Swatch of Magenta


Halifax said...

So you're going to IMATS this year, I would assume?

rasilla said...

I would SO hope that the prices are the same this year...but with all the coverage they have been getting...
I do expect the prices to be a tad more expensive...but...I do want some of their pigments XD