Thursday, May 14, 2009

10 Favourite Blushes

(in no particular order)

MAC Sunbasque
Several years ago, I had my makeup done at MAC for two separate occasions. Both occasions, they used this blush on me without my asking. I got this years later because I always remembered that it was used on me by two separate MAs… and thought "maybe this shade really works for me" -- even though I actually don't use this nearly enough as I should… it really is a very nice natural shade that can double as a light bronzer.

MAC Hot Planet
My current fave. I love this blush, it gives me such a nice glow that really brightens up my face. It has the perfect combination for blush and highlight.

MAC Azalea
This is a pro shade and is not for the faint of heart. Azalea is a SUPER intense hot pink with a strong blue base. It's incredibly pigmented and even a dab sometimes can be too much. This shade is just SO HOT!

MAC Emote
This is a discontinued shade that is quite popular among the asian community because it's a good contour shade. Its matte formula and light brown colour doesn't really make for a pretty cheek colour, but definitely works as a subtle contour for sure.

MAC Pinch Me
One of the first blushers I got from MAC, it's a nice peachy shade that is very wearable.

Super Orgasm
This one received a lot of criticism due to the chunky glitters in it. The thing is, when you tap the brush, 99% of the glitter falls off BECAUSE they are so big and heavy… I don't understand why NARS put them in their in the first place, but that's besides the point. Without the glitter, Super Orgasm is a really pretty peachy apricot colour that gives a really fresh glow, like you just came in from the cold.

EDM Apple
This shade is subtle and pretty. A peachy-baby pink (I'm really bad with describing colours)… it gives just enough glow to your cheeks that is super natural and not shimmery.

EDM Salon Fun
This is a bright and fun berry colour that doesn't give the most natural look but gives a really fun and cheerful colour to your cheeks. It looked nice in the winters when my skin was really pale and this colour really popped against my skin… I have yet to try it for the summer… it also makes a great eye shadow shade!

Cameo Cosmetics (no name)
This was the first blush I ever got… well I didn't get it… I think my mom brought it back for me from Hong Kong several years ago (and yes I still have it)… I really love it.. It's dark and intense.. So just a dab is enough to give a bronzey glow. It's almost a wine colour… I don’t know what "Cameo Cosmetics" is… and upon googling didn't get me much results either… when I dropped and broke it into little pieces I was crushed (no pun intended)… but I saved it just in case… and I'm glad I did, because thanks to youtube, I learned how to re-press it and it's as good as new (almost)!

MAC Breezy
Omg I only discovered this shade like a month ago and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it… I love the finish of sheertone shimmers as there is a light sheen that isn't too over the top. The shade of breezy is berry-ish with this really pretty pearlescent sheen… (again… my colour description is lacking lol)… but it's just BEAUTIFUL!!!

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