Monday, May 25, 2009

Review: Revlon Matte Lipstick in Nude Attitude

I quite like this lipstick a lot although I wouldn't call it a matte forumla (if one were to compare it with MAC lipstick formulas). The consistancy and wear of this lipstick is more of a satin formula -- very opaque, yet creamy and not too drying. The colour is a warm beigey-nude colour that can look a little too orange on some skintones. When swatched on the back of the hand, it almost seems like it has a very faint violet/purple duochrome thing going on with it.
Dupes would be fleshpot (more cool) and creme d'nude (more shiny/moist)... I think the match would be pretty exact if one were to mix fleshpot with peachstock (pro colour) and voila -- a satiny concoction of Revlon's Nude Attitude a la MAC.
This colour would work with more neutral to warm skintoned ladies -- if you're cool, then stray away or at least use sparingly (with a gloss).
This looks great under any gloss, bringing out the truer colour of them -- and pairs nicely with dramatic smokey eyes (as with a lot of nude lipsticks).
The packaging is cute and I like that the top is clear so that you can look inside and see the colour/product -- even though I still store it turned over (I prefer to see the label)...
I got this on sale at SDM (8.99) and find it a little pricey... I believe the regular price is 11.99CAD...
Overall, I DO like the lipstick -- its colour... the formula and packaging... but it's a fairly dupable shade in my opinion.

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