Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 Favourite Lip Products

Lollipop Loving
Clean mid-tone coral with subtle green with gold iridescence (Glaze)
I've made it no secret that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this lipstick… this is my HG everyday lipstick -- it's so very unique and pretty and just gives my whole face a glow. The formula is a little drying though, so I always have a thin layer of balm underneath. I love it SO much that on top of the one I originally purchased, I also got two back-ups.

Love Nectar Lustreglass
Ultra-soft apricot with pearl
I got this because it's a 'dupe' of Bare Necessity, but with a pink pearly sheen rather than pink sparkles -- it has the same apricot base. It became one of my most favourite glosses to wear. The lustreglass formula is a lot smoother and less stickier than the lipglass formula, and since it's a dupe of Bare Necessity (my favourite dazzleglass), it was a no-brainer.

Viva Glam V
Neutral pink with pearl (Lustre)
This was one of my first MAC lipsticks. I really like it because it's a really pretty neutral shade that can be worn daily… this was my HG until Lollipop Loving came along =P

Bare Necessity
Caramel apricot with red and gold pearl
My absolute favourite Dazzleglass shade… it's neutral and sooooo pretty.

Crème d'Nude
Pale muted peach beige (Cremesheen)
Are we seeing the trend here? I really really like nude/natural shades =P The cremesheen formula is to die for and I'm really glad that MAC made a bunch of shades and this formula permanent. Crème d'Nude is my perfect concealer-nude shade for a super dramatic smokey eye. I even got my best friend hooked on it.

Big Baby Plushglass
Soft peach with pink and white pearl
I love this shade -- it's actually fairly similar to Love Nectar but more on the peachy side. The plushglass formula is also very smooth and non-sticky. This is supposed to be a plumping formula but not a good one… it does give your lips a buzzing/cooling sensation, but not like some that stings your lips like mad (Too Faced Lip Injection)

Lavendar Whip
Light cool lavender (Cremesheen)
Another great cremesheen shade, unfortunately it's limited edition. It was sold out on the mac website for a while, but they restocked it -- so if you haven't picked up this shade yet I highly suggest you do. It's just so unique and pretty… I sometimes pair it with crème d'nude to tone down the lavendar/give the nude some colour

Biotherm Glossy Milky #419
This is a dupe of the cremesheen glass in boy bait. It's a very milky, non-shimmery gloss that is super smooth, non-sticky and very very very natural for everyday wear

Smashbox O-Gloss
This gloss is awesome. It's clear in the tube and super smooth and non sticky (I hate sticky glosses)…. When applied, it changes colours to your "perfect" lip-stained shade. The gloss itself doesn't last too long, but the stain it leaves behind does.. So if you reapply, the pink gets more and more intense...

Saplicious Lip Gelee
Tangerine-taupe with low level pearl
Another smooth, non-sticky gloss that doesn't have very much pigmentation. It's very sheer but moisturizing with just enough tint of colour that makes it wearable any time of the day.


mj said...

this is just kinda random but i remembered that you had written a while back that it seemed like mac liked to reach for the nc30 foundation with most asians so of course i had been previously matched to that as well. it looked too dark on me but i just thought maybe it was my technique and i was being too heavy handed. well lo' and behold went back yesterday and this new mua matched me to a nw20! and it looks soO much better! he was horrified that someone had matched me so incorrectly. so that's my lil story...

really enjoyed your purple tutorial, except i don't have any of those colours so i'm trying to make it work with what i have...

also, who makes the shades your wearing in the contest winner vid? is that rude to ask?..hope not

mj said...

oh and since this post is about favorite lip products, i am LOVING the mac dazzleglasses! i never owned any of them before yesterday but i got like venus and the pearls look amazing at night!! i'll be heading out to pick up 4 more today. =P

Sanderlees said...

hey mj!

yeah I am still matched to nc30... i am close to it.. but it certainly isn't my shade... i do my own matching now =P

the glasses are actually juicy couture! it's not rude for asking -- just pls don't ask me how much they cost =P

dazzleglasses are SO awesome! my only gripe is that my hair is always stuck on my lips.. grr.. then it get it all over my hair.. but that goes for most sticky glosses for me anyway