Saturday, May 09, 2009

Why the Lack of Videos

So I started doing videos about a year ago when I had finished my final exams at the beginning of summer 2008… but my video making stalled once school started again in the fall.
I've always had a personal blog… I enjoying expressing myself in written words and so creating a blogspot account to reach out to the make-up community was something that I knew I could do and keep up - since I can write a blog in class, but not record a video =P

There are so many great gurus on YT already, that I feel silly whenever I make a video, because I hate to feel like I'm 'copying' anyone with their videos and it's just so hard thinking of new video ideas to make…
Oh oh! And I HATE how I look/sound in a video! I swear WHILE I'm filming one, I feel or think I'm being me and being very natural… but when I am editing the video…. I realize how nervous/weird/FAKE and NOT ME I am in those videos… omfg! Lol
It's not easy talking to yourself to a camera =P
Also, I avoid making tutorials because:
  • As I've stated when I initially started video posting: there are so many great gurus out there that do such great and amazing tutorials -- I don't see the point of me adding to them
  • The 10min time limit is just not realistic for me. I take 45min to an hour to do my own make-up because although I'm not perfect by all means, I like to make it as perfect or to MY standards as much as possible.. 10 min to do a make-up tutorial will not allow me to create something that I would be truly satisfied with -- I've actually deleted the majority of my old tutorials because when I looked back at them I thought "omg.. What was I thinking???"

Finally, there are virtually NO haters or mean comments when it comes to blogging versus YouTube… I mean, I can handle the YouTube haters… but it's nice not to have to deal with them at all here =)
Constructive criticism is not the same as being a hater… if you don't like anything about my reviews/hauls/posts… by all means leave a comment and let me know -- I want to improve!

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Lily Leaf ♥ said...

I totally understand.
when I first started making videos, I was so self-conscious. lol I looked miserable and bored. but after that I got used to it. :)