Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Perfect Style

MAC put together a GREAT full-sized brush set that I don't believe they've done before. These are NOT short-handled SE brushes.
The brushes include the infamous 187, the 168 large contour brush, the 222 which is a great blending brush and the small angled 263.
For those of you just starting out your collection on MAC brushes, this is a GREAT buy at $150CAD which includes a cute little carrying case.
If you were to purchase each brush individually, your total would come to: $143.5 +tax (not including the bag)!!!

Snatch one up before they're gone!!

Free Shipping Code: PERFECT

1 comment:

jolene said...

i want ittt, maybe just because of the case cause i already have the 187 and 263, and i think it was released in '08 but it was a purple lining instead of green, but it was like a saks exclusive or something according to specktra