Monday, May 11, 2009

Pink Colour Circle Lenses


So those of you who follow me regularly would know that I purchased a pair of circle lenses from Pacific Mall last week. Well, after some research I found myself at the e-store and supplier of the lenses to the Pmall locations.
The e-store prices were the same as the prices IN-STORE which is:
$45/pair for 1 year lenses
$25/pair for 6 months lenses

BUT… the e-store led me to a facebook group that also sold the same lenses at a cheaper price. Let me tell you that everyone who is interested in purchasing and/or trying circle lenses that you NEED to bookmark and join the facebook group!!!
I discovered that for those who join the "circle lens facebook group" you get a special discount where the 1-year lenses cost ~$30-38 (instead of $45).
Sometimes it offers promotions such as "Buy 2 get 1 pair free" -- which is the promotion I took advantage of.
For every purchase, you receive a contact lens case to store your lenses in (or $1 for every additional case).
All of the blogstores I've encountered that offer circle lenses only take batch orders. What batch orders are is that they will not ship your order until they have filled a certain quota of orders. For example: the blogstore would only ship your order when they have reached 100 orders of lenses, which they will order from their supplier. This process is very tedious and inconvenient and the buyer would have to be extremely patient!
Pink Colour almost always have stock ready and ship within 1-2 business days….(and depending on your location you would most likely received within the week -- I got mine in TWO DAYS!!!)… AND AND AND… get this… ready??

SHIPPING IS FREE WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another great thing about Pink Colour is that they carry 9 different reputable brands including the popular GEO and E.O.S. and are available in prescription (which take a little while longer to ship).

I was so impressed with everything that Pink Colour had to offer compared to other Circle Lens e-stores that I contacted the seller (who is based in the GTA) immediately and got you guys a discount code =)
(on top of the exclusive facebook group discount) .

All prices are in Canadian Dollars … so it's even "cheaper" for all of you who are interested from the States!

In my opinion, this seller is the cheapest you'll find anywhere on the internet!

When you order just type in "Sanderlees" in the message box when checking out the pink colour site, or anywhere on the online order form from the facebook group and receive 5% off your entire purchase!

Be sure to tell me which lenses you guys pick up!!!

Pink Colour e-store

Pink Colour facebook group


jooLee said...

there are 2 batch sites I know of that offer lenses for cheaper but right now they're both not taking orders, and that's really impressive how fast this site ships your items - do you know if there are any batch promotions at the moment?

jooLee said...

ooh and i apologize if this is an inappropriate question, what was your method of payment? because i see that their paypal orders get charged 4% and i've never used any of the other available methods

da goose said...

LOL I first thought you bought a pair of pink cirlce lenses... sounded cool but I don't think it would be very wearable :s haha silly me...

I must look into contacts =D

jooLee said...

ok thanks!! which kinds are your fave?? yea i'm used to paying only like $14US/pair - but waiting for months! and there's this one last pair i've been dying to get - they're called ash wings, but since all the cheap sites are down, i've been looking for elsewhere, but i know i shouldn't be buying more I have literally 20 pairs of contact lenses that I should use up first lol

Glamorous Eyes said...

I am selling GEO lens for $17/pair. Offer will be good until 07/10/2009.


Refer 4 friends and obtain a FREE pair

Buy 4 and get 1 FREE

ALL return customers receive 10% off for future orders.

I will be placing the orders on 07/10/2009.

Please check out my site if your are interested.