Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Colour Ready Collection

So I wasn't excited about this collection at all... there are no new colours and it's main focus is on the prep+prime products (which I've never used -- except for lips and lashes)... but then I read Temptalia's sneak peak review on the line filler and transparent powder... and it piqued my interest... THEN i got a chance to actually try the transparent powder as well as the skin refined zone treatment myself (which temptalia didn't get to try) and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it (review coming up)... what to do?? Since i already have 2 of the 3 P+P products.. i only need to pick up the line filler... but these items are supposedly limited edition... so should I grab back-ups? oh the dilemma! lol Why must MAC make their skincare products LE? it's really difficult for those who have found their "perfect" routine with new products to only have to find a new one, because their beloved products are discontinued...

Do any of you plan to pick up anything from this launch?

Update (April 1) -- All the new Prep + Prime products are permanent.


LK said...

I am a little disappointed that they only came out with 2 shadows for the Color Ready collection :( Nothing else in the lineup is on my list...Oh wells :)
Love your blog, anways!! Keep it up!

XINAR0X said...

lol You're so lucky you got those items for so cheap. I heard these items are perm now. =S I'm not sure if it's true or not.

I'm SOOO gonna buy tickets next time they have the sale again...I'm too jealous of everyone's hauls...the person who went isn't really a "friend" but more like a business lady so she had her own stuff to buy. lol I doubt she wud give me tix. But yeh...I shall hunt my own tix down next time. =D

I wanna try out the line filler! =)

LK said...

P.S:Check out my blog, if you can! :) I just started and am doing a lot of reviews on there. Thanks!!! <3


Anonymous said...

the collection is now on the mac website, only the refined zone is LE , but there are rumors that its gunna end up in the permenent line !