Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monthly Favourites: March

I wanted to do this for the month of February, but I have been reluctant because it seemed so similar to my "what do you use tag"...
It's difficult to determine favourites of the month for 2 reasons:
1. If I keep mentioning staples, then it's not exactly favourites of the MONTH, but... well.. a staple.. lol
2. If I mention newly acquired products, then it's more like a fad... a honeymoon phase with my new purchases...

So what criteria do I use to make a product the favourite of just one month? Should I divide this into sections? or just blab on? lol I'm making this more complicated than I have to, aren't I?

So lets make this section a trial... and do it for a couple months... then I'll decide whether I want to continue with this..

**Note: Some or a lot of the products mentioned are probably new -- but I never did a haul on it... my collective haul became so large, that I decided to just scrap it and not talk about it.. and just start doing my hauls as I make my purchases so that I don't fall behind anymore.. but in a nutshell my collective haul consisted mostly of MAC products which include permanent and Hello Kitty stuff =]

March Favourites:

MSF Natural in Medium Plus:
I bought this a few weeks ago and I LOVE it... I've used Bare Escentuals and Everyday Minerals to no prevail. What I really like about the MSF natural is its versatility.
  • It's a powder/mineral foundation
  • It's PRESSED, so no mess
  • It also acts as a finishing powder

I've hit pan (only MAC product I ever hit pan on) of my select pressed powder... and thought about repurchasing... but I don't think I will, since this acts as foundation and as a set powder.
As a foundation, this offers sheer to medium coverage (which I love), depending on your application technique/brush you use... and it really does make my skin look flawless.
I rarely wear any make-up to school (because honestly, I'd rather sleep in)... if you were to see me... lol well you'd laugh cuz I look like a bum =P But with the MSF natural, I can quickly dust some on my face to look a little more polished, even if I don't put anything else on.

Hot Planet Mineralized Blush:
I already wrote a pretty thorough review about why I really love this blush in the previous post... but to quickly reiterate:
  • Very pretty versatile and (in my opinion) universal shade
  • Everyday shade
  • Can be used day or night
  • Pigmented
  • Long lasting
Boy Bait Cremesheen glass:
I really hate lipglasses (but that doesn't mean I dislike all of MACs other lip products)... I find them too sticky/tacky... Boy Bait is a great nude gloss that isn't sticky and has a creamy finish (no glitter or shimmer)... it's a great everyday shade on its own, or compliments other lip colours when layered on top of it such as Creme d'nude (makes the perfect nude lip look) or Lavendar Whip.

Lollipop Loving:
I have a VERY limited list of HG products... I don't really believe in making something HG without using it for a period of time first (especially when it comes to long term products like skincare or foundation). I'm also not much of a lipstick wearer (despite my rapidly growing collection)... but Lollipop Loving was love at first site -- HG! The colour itself, i find is quite unique... light pink-y with a golden-green sheen... and when I first read the colour description I thought "ew... weird... green????"... but I was intrigued and tried it on. It was perfect. Not too dramatic and just the right amount of colour to make this wearable daily -- when i tried it on, I had ZERO make-up on, and it instantly gave my face a "glow"... I had no idea a lip product can do that... it is just PERFECT. I got a back up =)

Girl Groove Glitter Liner:
This is from the Hello Kitty line... I have a lot of glitter liners - I don't use any of them... because I find them very... chunky? its literally glitter in clear liner liquid... so when applied, it is very sheer. But Girl Groove (and all the glitter liners in the HK collection) is very pigmented. The glitters are tiny and the colour payoff is just superb. I find myself grabbing for this and lightly swiping over my black liner to give my over all look a pop, when I go out at night. It's not too intense, but just enough to make my eyes "twinkle".

Fast Response Eye Cream:
I've been wanting this for a while... and Makeupbyrenren's review, just made me want it more... Paula Begouin doesn't approve of this product (and I for the most part respect her reviews and follow them)... but this is a wonder eye cream. Begouin doesn't like it because there is TOO much caffeine in it, potentially causing irritation. Caffeine depuffs and causes capillaries to constrict -- and that is exactly what it does for me. Not only does it depuff my undereyes, the silky silicone texture of the product preps your eyes well for concealer, so that it doesn't settle into the fine lines... I use this every morning.

Well I guess that's it for now. Please leave me feedback on whether you like this 'Monthly favourites' idea or not... what I should or should not review... and just what you guys want to see on this blog in general.. because i'm doing it for you guys... i don't need to write reviews for myself =P

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XINAR0X said...

I am loving Hot Planet blush as well!!!

I wanted to let you can get your makeup done for free at the bay MAC at Eatons on April 24 & 25 (Friday & Saturday)because they are hosting the Rose Romance event at that time. You don't need to buy anything but you know we all get weak and buy at least one thing LOL...but yeh you don't need to spend the typical $50 to get your makeup done...Call them!
416-861-4508 (HURRY) I already booked my appointment. =)I know I won't be crazy about the rose collection but it will be fun just getting your makeup done! YAY!

For the Mac sale...what day are you going? My friend is going and she may pick up somethings for me. If you do go on Saturday or let me know some of the "must haves" lol so I can tell her....thnx! =)