Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mac Haul: Skincare, Brushes and Misc.

Can't get enough of taking pics! lol... plus it's my way of avoiding putting everything away, because I honestly have no idea where to put it all.. I have no room left!~ Looks like it's time to do a little spring cleaning and update my swap list!

Here we go:

Tommy set and sample Sean Jean After-shave Balm (for the bf)

  • Small Jacquard bag
  • Medium Jacquard bag
  • Square powder puff
  • Latex make-up wedges
  • 180
  • 183
  • 205
  • 209

  • Charge Water Renewal Defence
  • Charge Water Youth Aura
  • Prep + Prime Skine Refined Zone Treatment
  • Oil Control Lotion
  • Lightful Essence Serum
  • Fix+ Rose
  • Travel sized Fix+
  • Estee Lauder Cyber White masque
  • Studio Moisture Cream
  • Travel sized cleanse off oil
Yet to be released:
fix+ Rose (A Rose Romance collection April 23)
Prep+Prime Refined Zone Treatment (Colour Ready Collection April 2)


jooLee said...

love your haul!! what's your MUA username?

jojos4eva said...

omg u have 4 mac 183! Im soo jealous! ive been on the look out for ages... mind u... i do live in NZ lol
Great haul!

jojos4eva said...
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jojos4eva said...

Sorri I meant 180! if u ever plan on selling.. please let me know :D

sweetie1202 said...

love your haul! i was fortunate enough to get tickets from my aunt this time and went on both friday and sunday! it was my first time and i absolutely LOVED it! however, i don't know it my aunt will ever get tickets again... >.<... and i am still kicking myself for not grabbing one of those holiday collection infatuating rose eyeshadow compacts...sigh >.<...