Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quick Review: Sugarsweet

Overall: The one thing I really wanted from this collection was the Perfect Topping MSF... it didn't look nearly as pretty in person than it does in the promo pictures... also when swatched, it looks exactly the same as the melange side of Moon River (Grand Duos) and Redhead MSF =(
My wishlist thus completely changed...
I ended up getting ALL the shadesticks (these are my first)... even though I originally limited myself to only 3 ... but hey, i figured since no more MSF... more shadesticks!
I also opted out of the triglosses... I wanted Consume Me... but it was the sheerest of them all... so other than it being a collectors item... there was really no point in getting it (plus the testers at the store were already ALL MIXED UP into one colour... ugh...
And finally... I didn't plan on getting any lipsticks from this collection... but oh boy, I'm SO glad i did!!! I have found my HG lipstick!! And that says a lot, because (even though i own a lot of lipsticks now)... i'm not really a lipstick wearer... YAY...
So... the verdict... I LOVE THIS COLLECTION!!!!

Stars n' Rockets: This is from the permenent collection and I actually picked this up last week... I have wanted this colour ever since ilurvemakeup won my contest last summer and got this as her prize... i wore it for the first time today... sooooooo pretty!!!!!!

Red Velvet: I didn't get this at first... I got the other 4 shadesticks... and didn't even contemplate this... then my MAC buddy I was with convinced me (which isn't hard to do lol) by layering Stars n' Rockets over it... soooooooooooo much prettieerrr!!!!!!!

Butternutty: This one is very similar to beige-ing

Penny: This was my ultimate first choice... i had to have it... i love coppers

Lemon Chiffon: This was described as a frosted "pewter"... I don't know about you... but pewter is supposed to be a greyish/chromish colour... this is a very frosty beige...

Cakeshop: I think MAC got their colour descriptions messed up... because this one is descriped as neutral beige... but it swatches as a greenish... almost PEWTER colour... THIS is what I thought Lemon Chiffon was suppose to be... lol

Seasonal Peach: I don't really wear nailpolish... at least I didn't use to because I bite my nails a lot... but I've gotten into it... Seasonal Peach caught my eye because it is such a pretty spring colour... then I was told that this was launched with the original cremesheen collection... which then I thought "oh yeah!! i wanted that!" woohoooooooo!

Peppermint Patti: I wasn't going to get this... because I really wanted to limit myself to only one nail polish.. AND in pictures, it looked way too similar to my "For Audrey" China Glaze... when when I saw it in person... it was just too pretty to pass up!

Lollipop Loving (Glaze): HG!!!!!!!!! LOOOVVVVEEEE!!!!!! OMFG... this is a beautiful colour that works sooooooooo well with my skintone!! This is what I wanted "O" to be!!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH THAT I GOT A BACK UP!!! AAAHHHHHHHHH

Saint Germain (Amplified): I honestly don't think this suits me.. but I got it because it was unique... reminded me of Barbie.. and I just didn't want to regret it later... plus I really like amplified creams =)


XINAR0X said...

Nice Haul!

I'm aching for another shadestick and I wanna b2m for the trio lipgloss...I know these are sheer but the packaging is quite hard to resist. lol

MakeupandCrafts said...

Thanks for adding the button just for me ^^ lol...
Also, many thanks for the review~

kataleen said...

where did you get the for audrey china glaze?? i live in mississauga and i can't find it =( pls let me know =)

Sanderlees said...

Hi Kataleen!

I get my China Glaze polishes from my local Sally Beauty Supply Store.
I go to the one at 401 and Islington... but there is one in Mississauga too -- at Erin Mills close to the QEW..
check the sally website's store locater... it's only around $6 each! super cheap!

kataleeen said...

ooooh. ok. thanks =) imma check it out on friday =)