Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quick Review: Grand Duos

So I decided to do quick reviews on anything new that I buy (and is worthwhile to review)... these quick reviews will consist of my intial thoughts and basically the morphology of the products... then after a week or so (or after a sufficient amount of time that i've tried/used the products) I will do a more thorough review =)

Here we go:

Moon River (blue pink melange/pale yellow pink) -- Like everyone else, this was on the top of my list because it is the most unique one of the bunch. It really is beautiful. It's too light to be a proper blush tho, so it's really more of a highlighter.

Hot Planet (copper yellow melange/midtone plum) -- this was also at the top of my list... it's such a pretty plum colour (i've been using it every day since i got it -- one week) and the melange is a BEAUTIFUL bronzey coppery colour!

Grand Duo (copper pink melange/plum) -- i got this one on the same day, but several hours after the first two... basically it was an impulse buy... this was the ONLY one that i didn't care too much about initially... but for some reason... i bought o_o... as soon as i stepped out of the store i felt a wave of regret... but then when i got home i fell in love... it's a very deep plum colour.. something i don't have in my collectio.. and the melange side is my favourite of the three.

In general: Theses are my very first MAC mineralized blushes. I've always wanted to try the orignal, but never really got around to purchasing them (especially since they went permanent, i wasn't in any rush)... these are apparently a lot more pigmented and more buttery in texture... i can't compare.. but they are certainly SUPER pigmented and smooth =)
They are a little shimmery though, for those who are not too into that....

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