Monday, June 15, 2009

Paula Begoun Reviews

I am starting a new series on this blog that involves the reviews of self-proclaimed cosmetics cop and author of "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me", Paula Begoun. I will be posting Begoun's reviews from the last edition of her book along with her rating system for those of you who do not have access to it.
What I like about Begoun's reviews is that it is not based on her experience with the products but are based on research and formulation of the products based on a product's ingredients. This is a far cry from peer reviews that are on sites such as makeupalley (which is a great site), because those reviews are based on personal experience and as we all know -- not all products work the same for all of us.
By researching and understanding a product's formulation, she "assesses the product's potential for irritation, dryness, breakouts, sensitivities, greasiness, and other issues of texture and performance."
The application, colour selection, texture and whether products contain SPF and/or antioxidants are also all considered in her reviews.

So in other words, consider her reviews in a more "scientific" light.

Of course, do keep in mind that you don't have to agree with all her reviews or opinions. For example, Paula Begoun indirectly claims that anyone who wears eyeshadow shades in colours OTHER than neutrals are whores lol (specifically blues)... I personally don't agree with that, because I don't believe in rules when it comes to make-up... but instead there are situation-appropriate looks.

Begoun uses emoticons to denote approval or disapproval to the products she reviews. Because I don't really know how to make emoticons on this blog (lol) I'm going to improvise:

^_^! : Excellent and Paula's Pick - best of the best products that exceed expectations.

^_^! $$$: Excellent (Paula's Pick but overpriced) - price is the only drawback which doesn't effect the performance of the product.

^_^ : Very Good - highly recommended and reasonably priced.

^_^ $$$: highly recommennded but not necessarily worth the price.

o_o : Average - OK product but unimpressive. Doesn't mean it's a bad product, but could be lacking something that is keeping it from getting a higher rating.

o_o $$$: Average but overpriced -- so why bother?

>_< : Poor - Don't buy!!

Along with her professional review, I will be adding my imput and my experiences of the products (if applicable) and use her emoticon rating system as well.

Feel free to add your reviews in the comment section under any of the reviews done.

Hope you all enjoy this series!



lipstickrules123 said...

I just finished reading or flipping through one of her books. Like you said, she seems to think matte, neutral eyeshadows are the benchmarks for a good eyeshadow. I guess she is catering to a certain crowd and not necessarily makeup fans. I find it interesting though that she knocks a lot of the most popular brands -- and that she has her own line of skincare and makeup...wonder how she rates those products. overall, I'm not a big fan of her books. I find her slightly annoying to be honest and her tastes are far different from mine. Great idea for a series though!

Shelley said...

after i got her book i ordered her products and i really like them :) i stopped breaked out too!