Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Make-up Collection: Blush

Instead of creating one long, picture-heavy post of my entire collection, I decided to do it in a series. First of the series is my blush collection... it's hard to pick a favourite -- but you can probably tell (or not) which ones I use the least/most =P
Lets start with the MAC products:

Mineralized Blush Duos
Clockwise (from left): Grand Duos, Hot Planet, Moon River

Top: Sweet William, Ladyblush
Bottom: Blossoming, Lune

Top: Tippy, Eversun
Bottom: Fashion Frenzy, Emote

Pro Pan
Top: Pink Swoon, Springsheen, Peachykeen
Bottom: Peaches, Sunbasque, Breezy

Top (pro): Salsa Rose, Full Fuschia, Azalea
Bottom: empty, Pinch O' Peach, Pinch Me

Gel Blush
Just a Pinch

Non-MAC blush palette

Various other blushes: coastal scents contour palette,
mousse blushes (Maybelline and Lancome), Bobbi Brown (Nectar),
NARS (Super Orgasm)

What do you want to see next in this series of my make-up collection?


jrockxbunny said...

wow! so many blushes! :D

jooLee said...

love the collection! blushes are definitely addicting

XINAR0X said...

OooO BLUSHES! Nice collection and yes...they are really addictive as Joolee said. =D

Lizzie Love said...

idk if yu did this yet but a nail polish collection would be cool (:
I'm going to be changing my toe colors all summer !
cute collection (: blush is love. haha.