Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paula Begoun Review: MAC - Fix +

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" Fix+ is a standard, but good, alcohol-free toner for normal to dry or slightly oily skin. The mist application is convenient, but don't mist this over your makeup -- nothing in the formula will 'finish' it or prolong wear. Quite the opposite is true!"

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My opinion:
I agree with Begoun on this one, I don't know why people feel that this product actually "sets" their make up.... yes it DOES take the powdery look away (which is great)... but I have to say that I use Fix+ as more of a toner than anything... I also like misting it on my face on a hot summer day -- very refreshing... and I really enjoy the scent. Other than that... I feel this is an over-hyped product.

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*** If you would like to see a review on a product other than MAC let me know and I'll post it (if it's in the book -- for example she never reviewed NYX or Vichy.. but ELF and QUO are surprisingly included)***

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